Sunday, 2 August 2009

Let The Engines Roll

Another chapter has begun for me, this time happening right at my own backyard.
What I'm trying to say is that.. I'm no longer in Russia nor Turkey. I have returned to Malaysia.

Hahahahaahahahaa and no, I'm not pulling your leg(s)!!!

I decided to go for my Housemanship since Tolga is going to the military. I mean, Mummy's alone (and she fell ill last month) so we figured it's the best time to be back for service. Uhhmmm.. I have stopped blogging for too long and needless to say, I miss it and miss reading everybody's.

Either ways, it's time for me to pack up and get on moving. I'm going to miss my exciting life globetrotting and writing about every new places we explored but I guess.. the only things I'll be exploring from now are patients' ulcers and inner organs. How exciting LOL

Don't fret, my friends. I'll always be around.


aManda玲慧 said...

Welcome home CJ! Miss your writing a lot :)

Cindy said...

Happy blogging again!

Pisa knows all sees all said...

We're happy to have you back! Keep writing! We need you!

mei said...

Wow Chinny, big change!! :) Welcome back (not like I'm there also) but I'm sure you're glad to be back in Msia :)

Mei xxx

munyee said...

hey chin joo!welcome back!*warm Hugs for ya*leave me ur number that we can meet up n chat chat!

yeowhq said...

welcome home gal! you based in penang or kl?

Anonymous said...

Welcome back..i'm going to kl this 23rd-24th aug,u free to meet up @ not?staying @ novotel.

C.l.i.c.H.e G.a.L said...

welcome back gal!!!

Kev said...

hey CJ, that means you'll be back in Malaysia for good or just till after your housemanship?

Well, happy re-blogging, and welcome home.

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