Saturday, 3 January 2009

Family Business

The day we returned to Malaysia for has come. Today held a very important event for my family, and the others who share the same surname. We attended the ceremony which inaugurate Daddy's wooden tablet onto the ancestral shrine in the Tan Association. I was most glad that Fats managed to fly in for the weekend.

Ying Chuan Tang (Ying Chuan Hall of Tan Association)

Mummy (in grey) praying with Sah sim on her right
The potraits on the wall are our forefathers/ancestors

The wooden tablets to be inaugurated later

Okaylahhh.. our clan house doesn't look like the Khoo Kongsi in Penang but presentable enough LOL It was so crowded but we were lucky to find 2 big tables for our preparations. My 3rd uncle (Sah Jek) ordered a whole roast pig which took up almost 1 table. We laid out the foodstuff and preparations with haste. My father has always made prayer offerings look as grand as possible, so must we.

Turkish fiddling with the paper lotus Mum and Sah sim made

More relatives should have attended
But it was just us.. those who cared :)

Fats lifting Daddy up onto the altar as we looked on

The minister placing the wooden tablet onto its respective place

It's done..
Daddy now rests with the entire Tan clan :)

And Mummy is the happiest, for the task is completed

My brother will pass on the bloodline :)

Also, after the ceremony, I received an award for my scholastic achievements. Together with 10 other graduates, we kneeled before our ancestors to give thanks and we are supposedly glory to the clan house. Hehehehee I wasn't even dressed for it, I thought it was later in the evening.

Back then, scholars were only sons and never daughters. Daughters were not welcomed even. Times have changed, daughters are loved as much by their parents. I know I am. Turkish was very pleased to witness the colourful ceremonies. He understood the meaning of this day and was happy to be a part of it :)

The minister of ministers wearing a sash for me

Praying with incense can't get any more Chinese

So yeahhh, this was how the event ended
Posing with many old men isn't exactly my forte LOL

Mummy says whenever Fats and I have our own family in future, whenever we wish, we could always return here to pay our respect for our late father. Or at the shrine where his urn is placed, or at the temples. Hehehe these places are what I term as "stations" for prayers. Chinese customs/traditions are very complicated at times but if we don't practise it, who else will?

I feel happy for being able to carry out our filial duties :)

Here are some pictures taken during the banquet. It was rather boring but we had to be there :P Turkish stole most of the limelight for being the only non-Chinese throughout the day LOL I gave the award to Sah Jek for he treated us like his own, after Daddy's passing.

Mummy who sacrificed everything for us since day 1

Hahahahaaa I did this before, not too long ago

I don't know the auntie in the grey gown, so don't ask LOL

Well, I'd really like to call this a family picture..
.. I know it isn't perfect but we can only ask for this much



peanut said...

wah.. super duper tradition. u r right, if we don't practice our tradition, who else? good tradition should be maintained.

JayneAi said...

nice post..and really nice blog u have..really enjoyed reading n have fun back home..God bless!

Johnny Ong said...

why u don't know who's the auntie in gray??

so u are a teochew .....

D said...

Wow! Very interesting post, CJ! Thank you for letting us see a glimpse of your culture. It's so fascinating! Congratulations on the award you got. =)

The Juicy Bunny said...

I heard about you from Seb.

Hey, it's a good feeling to be home to perform a duty as a daughter right? Hope your family is doing alright. God bless!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Thank you for the kind words.

I'm a Teochew-Hakka (Mum's a Hakka). Chinese tradition is interesting but too many aunties around gives me a headache. I don't know who to listen to LOL

peanut said...

eh.. high 5 hakka girl.. u can speak or not?

let's berbahasa hakka from today onwards

Nyonya Pearl said...

I would love to have seen how you inaugurate your dad name table in Tan Kongsi.

Can I have some photos sent to my email and a write up by you to place in my website?

BTW, you won my nomination for Malaysian Blog Award.

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Congrats and all the best to you.

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