Sunday, 4 January 2009

He Was Named After Jackie Chan

I was really glad that Fats made it home for the weekend. He was hesitant at first, with piles of work and buried knee-deep in his timetable. We caught up on a lot of issues and news. He told me about his current private life and I have to say this, “TEARS WELL UP MY EYES TO SEE MY BROTHER GROW INTO A FINE YOUNG MAN”. Verrrrrry fine indeed.

And I was afraid he’d be a nerd LOL

Still, my brother being my brother, he’s got a few points which make me feel uncomfortable. He’s a genius, no doubt but having an attitude towards people he doesn’t deem deserving concerns me. He has a mind of his own and an overly-independent character, fine but I really don’t think he gives a shit about anyone or anything else. He said Mummy and I are the only ones who matter.

I love this picture!
Mum and Fats looking like crooks LOL

I'm not sure what this means..

My baby brother :)

Okay, this is another weird one
We are posing with trolleys and my brother's showing a middle finger
Hahahahahaa what can I say?

Sending him off at the age of 12 on his own has its positive and negative outcomes. But then again, since he was a child, he kept mostly to himself. He was a loner then but now he’s friendly and more opened up to making/meeting new people. He’s got a 4.3 CAP for his 1st semester.. I’m not sure how the grades work but he isn’t happy. He’ll just have to pull up his socks for the next.

Be good, you hear!

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