Sunday, 18 January 2009

Crack My Nuts

Turkish and I went to the State Kremlin Palace for Pyotr Tchaikovsky's "The Nutcracker" ballet this afternoon. We had bought the tickets before our trip to Malaysia (I nearly forgot about it LOL). The Nutcracker is a seasonal show, available usually at the end of the year before/and after Christmas.

Highly recommended!!

The State Kremlin Palace is huuuuuuge. I have never been to such a giganto, maximo building for stage performance. We arrived there an hour early (our habits) to check out its interiors. There were so many children dressed in their Sunday's best and I'm always amazed to see how Russians are exposed to arts at a tender age.

Bravo to their culture.

In my Sunday's best LOL

Going up to the cafe on the 6th Floor

Passing by one of the many school groups

As we walked along the hallway, we were lead to a narrow corridor into, what I called the fake forest. Hahahahahaha Russians have long and cold winters, with little leafy trees.. they actually lined up pot plants for the lush green effect! Everyone was snapping pictures away with the tropical trees. Like this..

Aaaahhh.. very green leaves

More you wouldn't see on the streets

As I laughed at these delusional patrons, Turkish said matter-o-factly.. "Why laugh? Your Malaysia made a Winter Park with wet cottons for snow. It's the same".

Wooooooooot! I nearly died.

Snowmen at the bottom of Menara KL!

Penguins and polar bears are a bit much..
.. but I learned my lesson not to simply bitch! LOL

Enough slap on the face. Now back to the wonderful ballet..

I must say it was the best I've seen, yet. I returned home spellbound. E.T.A. Hoffman's fairytale which he wrote in 1816 was played with much grace and elegance. The backdrop was amazing, damn colourful and alive. We sat on the 1st row on the balcony, view was perfect. We were damn lucky to have so good seats for that price (350pyb/RM38).

The Nutcracker ballet is superb. It's about Marie, with her nutcracker (I can't help it LOL). In her dream, the nutcracker comes to live but is chased around by the Mouse King. Hence, fit men skipping in tight tights and prancing around with very, very firm buttocks. They engange in a fierce battle and the nutcracker victors. Violently, he chops off tails of Mouse King's mice. Serious.

I know it's a fairytale but try reading Grimm Brothers' works.

This is the best I could do with my camera. Venues where photography is forbidden, sneaky shots with flash might get capital punishment and moving objects won't help. But luckily I have steady hands and skills of an eagle catching its prey ;)

10 minutes before the show started

The Nutcracker and Marie doing their thing

Ambushed by the Mouse King and his konchos

Courtsies closing to ending..

The crew

If it ever comes to town near you, please don't miss it!


~An9eL~ said...

Nutcracker ticket prices are through the roof here in St Petersburg :(

I was in Moscow 2 years ago and watched Sleeping Beauty for 200rubs Yippee!

I'm going over to Moscow next week. Any good recommendations?

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Ah-ha! Moscow for a stopover or visiting someone? Got friends here?

Johnny Ong said...

this is what i envy abt russia ... those theatres and such performances ....

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Johnny a theatre type, ehhh :)