Thursday, 29 January 2009

Romanovskii Conference

Quote of the Day : "Berlin is the capital of syphilis" - Dr.Peter K.Kohl

Our department held the 26th Annual Romanovskii Conference, a 2-day event at the main building of MMA. It's a huge affair for dermatologists from all over Russia and abroad.

I'm not really sure yet who was Professor V.A. Romanov but his scientific researches, journals and book writings of man's largest organ (no, not that one) in his time, were bibles.

I showed up before 8.30am. I was so damn early, I could have helped set up some stalls. As usual, cosmetics and skin care/product agents are always present. I bagged a lot of goodies, for some reasons, they were extremely generous.

Turkish's scalp flakes easily since he is sensitive to unfiltered water, so I got him bagful of anti-dandruff shampoo! Good stuff! I got myself tubes of emollient, cream and whatnots.

Iasonas was there too, I also met a new friend from Cyprus called Flora, together with Elena and Mayank (who came later). I saw many of my colleagues but I didn't hang out with them. I sat through the opening ceremony and first part of the presentation.

The topics were interesting.

My favourite was Dr.Linder from Italy who brought on Global Telemedicine which I thought sounds promising, but can it beat traditional consultation in person? I don't know, man.

I'm going to post some pictures I snapped around, and call it a day.

Tribute to the highly-respected Prof.Romanov

Current day patriarchs of Dermatology
Profs. L-R: Skripkin, Ivanov and 85-year-old Potekaev

I caught a professional LOL

The well-liked Dr.Linder who struggled to speak in Russian

Prof.Linder google-ed this for his slideshow, so did I :P

Well, he really meant Telemedicine like this

My colleagues on technics, Maksim and Dr.Ignateev

In the 2nd session (Blue hall)
R-L : Mayank, Elena, Flora and Iasonas

Elena and I, with bags of freebies ;)

Tomorrow's the 2nd and last day.. I might go, or not LOL


Anonymous said...

unfiltered water not good for skin ya?

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

My bf's got sensitive skin, those minerals and irons in unfiltered/untreated waters "cuts" him.