Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Witnesses Of History

We just watched Obama's presidential inauguration live on TV!!

Turkish wouldn't have cared but you know me, I've been expecting this day since I became a supporter of Obama. Plus, the transmission was live.. anything could happen at these events. I was telling Turkish an explosion could happen, someone might trip and fall off the stage, anything at all and nothing could be censored for viewership LOL

Fortunately, nothing of the above-mentioned took place ;)

Live from Washington D.C.!

The sight of the hundred thousands of crowd makes me dizzy

Turkish lying comfortably on the couch with his tea

Hahahahahaa I had to sit as close to the TV as possible

I couldn't control my fingers, and I went trigger-happy snapping pictures of the screen (must've looked funny :P).

Hillary and Bill Clinton

Bye-bye, George Bush Jr.

I like Joe Biden.. good man :)

Turkish insisted that he was trained to look upright LOL

Barack H.Obama sworn in as the 44th President of the United States (POTUS). He is also the nation's first African-American president. Many people thought they would never live to see this in their time but yes, it has happened. Obama has the weight of his country and people on his shoulder now, and he knows very well that the road ahead isn't going to be easy.

But there is always hope. Hope and unity to make changes.

Joe Biden, the Vice-President of United States of America

Barack Obama, reciting his presidential oath of office

"Uh-huhh.. I'll show you who's the president tonight"
- thinks Michelle Obama (just kidding LOL)

There we go :)

It's been a while since we watched Obama speak. Our Internet connection is freaking slow we can't enjoy YouTube or Yahoo!News whenever we like, so tonight hearing the man again was nostalgic. He sounded stern and more determined than ever, unlike in his campaigns (last year) when he was rather witty.

We didn't watch his inaugural address till the end. The jackass Russian translator was grunting and panting from trying to keep up with Obama's words. Serious. Like he couldnt s*hit or something. It was truly a shame. At least I'm happy to know that our Malaysian commentators aren't the worst.

Here's the text of the speech as delivered.

Part 1

Part 2

President Barack Obama. Has quite a nice ring to it, no? :)

Heheheee one more for the road!


The Juicy Bunny said...

Hey Eve. Call me Yan. Only the monkey calls me Juicy haha :P

I heard that you are a fun person too. Hope to know you more about you:)))

Obama is handsome ah? Haha :P

Johnny Ong said...

the wife may have this thot instead "i'll show u what a first lady can do"