Friday, 23 January 2009

Doormat Maniac

A day after our return to Moscow, Turkish and I realised that our doormat was missing. Or rather stolen. I cried out loud that evening because when I wiped my boots on the floor, the screech was horrendous. The floor looked so naked, and dirty from God knows what kind of ordeal it went through.

Serious. I was upset for the loss of my IKEA purchase.

When the incident took place

And today, as I was headed out to the shops, I couldn't swing open my front door. Usually it opens up faster than a flasher would but for some reason.. it was stuck. I thought someone pulled a prank on our unit or something . Plus I was alone, I was scared for a minute.

Then, I slowly poked my head out of the door.. which I REALLY shouldn't have done. What if someone was hiding at the side! My head could have been chopped off! I looked down and my sight caught some flurry fabric with 2 different shades (blackish-greyish) eating the bottom of my door. I couldn't believe my eyes.


Not one but two pieces!

What the fuccckkkkk!!

You know how freaky that is?!

Should I be pleasantly surprised or shocked?

Who breathes oxygen on earth would first steal my doormat then return it with an extra! Is this a joke?? Some kind of fetish nowadays? OMG. This is absurd. And I can't remember if the bigger piece belonged to us before but the smaller one is definitely not. Look at it! It's not even cut straight!

OMG. Could the maniac have stolen someone else's and then placed them on my front door! Hahahahahaa this is getting very out of hand! Turkish and I couldn't really explain why would someone steal a doormat. It's to wipe dirt off our shoes! We concluded that one of our neighbours might have "borrowed" it. Maybe because they couldn't enter their house with dripping soles, therefore they swiped ours.

What is the world becoming?

But it doesn't make sense because our neighbours always had theirs.

Next door neighbour has a fancy doormat!
Why not steal theirs? It's got rail tracks, man!

This one looks decent enough

Okay, okay. Enough pictures. My floor looks extremely unkept, looks as though I'm staying in some rundown flats! No wonder even doormats go missing! LOL But I can assure you, the inside is not at all in poor condition! There isn't any maintenance fella for our building so it's only cleaned once a month by.. someone, I guess :)

Hilarious shit.

Can I file a report to the police about this?

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