Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Tourist In My Own Backyard

I didn't check into the hospital today. I'm not ready to get back to work so I've decided to start next Monday. Let me enjoy the remaining holiday breeze in me. Homesickness won't get to me but I do miss Mummy dearly. Aiyaaaa.. rashes and pimples won't kill anyone.

Nearly 20 years of living in KL (we moved there when I was 4), I never thought I’d visit places like Tugu Negara and walk on the grass of Dataran Merdeka. Menara KL was erected more than 10 years ago and we were were not bothered to ascend it. We went off to Sydney Tower and Shanghai Tower instead LOL

Menara KL at 421m on a bright, sunny day!

Aaaaahhh.. always a first time to everything :)

Thanks to Turkish, he was the reason we went around dropping our leg hairs all over (Chinese phrase equivalent to leaving tracks/footprints). We got too carried away until I got heatstroke after visiting Tugu Negara and KL Bird Park. It was baaaaaad. My bones ached and as if on fire, it felt awful. It was unfortunate that I couldn’t enjoy the BBQ session Mummy and her friends pre-planned for us.

Our angmoh-looking National Monument LOL

Belinda and Mummy shielding under palm trees..

And I wonder why I kena-ed heatstroke!

Beramai-ramai at the KL Bird Park

And we've been here before when I was little
Mummy was taller back then LOL

Here are some pictures taken all over KL.

Central Market was the first touristic place we dropped by

Turkish checking out some souvenirs

The day we visited KLCC

Hahahahaa the big fish drinking

On the tunnel of Aquaria

Tun Sir Henry Lee Hau-shik adds street credit! :P

Hustle-bustle traffic on streets of KL

More pictures soon!


reanaclaire said...

u went to russia for medical course? must be.. haha... so now u r back in Malaysia? so for every parent, i guess, when our kids turn 18, it is time for them to leave their nest and fly away...
but their hearts and memories will always stay..

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Let's rephrase to "leave their nest to explore the world". It's not like they never return, you'd be surprise how wise they become :)

wicrap said...

very proud of u.!! :)

It happened that I thought of the sharkfins this morning on the bus while going for my exams

respect earned :)

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Serious. I told my mum about the anti-sharkfin eating issue. She agreed. I mentioned I made a vow join your campaign, well, and the world's ;)

Johnny Ong said...

dehydrated la ...... little water consumption and a big change of weather for u

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

My heatstroke? Hahahaha I think I wore shades all the time, couldn't tell if there was sun or not!