Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Pee/Poop Properly

When we were in Penang, if I remember correctly, Turkish came out of the bathroom (of a kopitiam) giggling. He showed me this sign which he took inside the stall. He was very tickled to see the instruction.

Do not squat! Sit like you should LOL

Turkish said it is normal for users who are used to what he calls the "alaturka", meaning the old-fashioned squat toilets. He even told me, there are many cases in Turkey, where newly constructed houses come with modern flush toilets, but the tenants break apart to do their business the old way! Hahahahahaa the contractor will have to call for renovation to ease the home owners' bowels.

It's sensitive to ask about someone's toilet behaviour. From its usage to after, only God knows how many people really wash their hands before they exit the WC. I know some friends who would rather let their bladders burst than go to a public loo. Aaahhh.. all kinds of individual manner when it comes to this practice. I can't really tell which toilet is better to use because honestly, I'm fine with both.

Squat vs Flush. Check out what I caught on Wikipedia:

Arguments against squat toilets

* People experiencing diarrhea can spray fecal matter onto the back of the ankles and/or clothing. (Hahahahaahahahaa what the fuck!)

* Squat toilets are more difficult to use, requiring careful balancing skills. This is particularly important for people with joint troubles, limited mobility or recovering from leg injuries. In particular, it becomes very hard for the elderly to defecate in such a manner.

* Squat toilets are not practical for reading a book or magazine while the toilet is being used.

* The washdown seated toilet (Referred to as a "Flush Toilet" or "Western Toilet" in most media) retains fewer odors, due to its bowl being completely flushed at each use. The waste drops into a pool of water, trapping much of the odor under water.

* Squat toilets often smell of urine, as their traps do not empty as completely when flushed.

* Also, constructively, it is difficult to install a squat toilet, as it needs more space in the ground. Where this might not be a problem on a first floor, it definitely is on consecutive floors as there is less height to work with in between floors.

Still toilet for crying out loud. Not rocket science research just to shit.

Ancient Roman public toilet (used the right way)

I'm modern :P
The person next to me is not aiming right LOL

Pardon me. This is one smelly entry.


Emonix said...

We have encountered countless funny bathroom signs here in the US, mostly signs with poorly written English. My personal best is "Please throw paper TOWER in the basket".

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

I think Chinatown will be the place for funny signs!

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