Friday, 16 January 2009

Ps.I Love Penang

I wanna write a little bit about the clan houses which were built back by then by Chinese men who were united by kinship and descent. Our great/-grandfathers immigrated to Malaya in those days for work and in search of living better lives. These clan houses actually sprouted in the 19th century, built to resemble villages in China, and also became a place for ancestral and deity worship. It is also a mark of wealth and dominance in the society.

The grandest clan house in South East Asia, is the Khoo Kongsi in Penang. Have you seen my Tan Kongsi already? ;)

Exclusively for members of the Khoo family

Turkish admiring the master craftmanship

Long San Tang (Dragon Mountain Hall)

Murals that depicts moral teachings

Very intricate carvings on its walls.. nice!

Later on, we visited the Penang Butterfly Farm. I'm not a huge fan of butterflies, really.. even though I have one tattooed on my shoulder. But it was written on the itinerary and we had spare time for the day, so off we went to Teluk Bahang! Quite a distance from Georgetown.

Home to 4,000 butterflies, 120 different species

Sipping nectar from Bunga Raya, our national flower

Hahahahaaa do not disturb the butterflies

Do not pick them by their wings.. why so sadistic :P

Do not rob their food!

Heheheheee funny signboards.

When we got back to the mainland, we took the ferry. I really don't remember when was the last time we crossed over this way. When I was little, when vehicles were less and traffic wasn't as horrifying.. it only took a while to embark on the ferry. Due to traffic congestion, it was smarter to use the Penang Bridge instead.

Dark storm setting in, looks scary..

Penang Bridge in view! And a cargo ship too ;)

A colourful ferry going back (to the island)

Carks on the 1st deck

Returning to our cars quickly before docking

The Butterworth side ;)

Turkish felt that Penang was the best place out of all. Mummy's hinted about MM2H (Malaysia My Second Home) programme to him later in the evening which left him rubbing his chin, in deep thoughts LOL

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