Friday, 30 January 2009

Conference Completed

Yeahhh, I attended the 2nd/final day of Romanovskii conference. It was rather quiet compared to yesterday. I guess most of the participants have collected enough freebies.

Hehehehe and never showed up again. I received more brochures/leaflets/advertisements today, less usable items. It would be damn embarrassing to sweep bagfuls of testers from the same people and they recognise my face. Donwan, I scared.

Iasonas came too (how come my line sounds familiar.. did I say this already). We were torn between sitting for Dr.Olisova’s presentation or Prof.Kochergin’s. One was in the Red Hall and the other, Blue hall. If timing was perfectly punctual, we could have attended both. First for Dr.Olisova then run to the other wing for Prof.Kochergin.

Unfortunately, the conference was held back by 20mins. Both rooms were on their own watches so we stayed put in the Blue hall.

In the Blue hall (corresponds to the colour of the seats)

I was trying to pay attention LOL

Prof. Kochergin's presentation of Крапивница
Krapivnitsa known as Urticaria or Hives in Layman's term

That's the man

Iasonas was even better, recorded his entire presentation

I caught the cameraman again LOL

On the 5th February commemorates the passing of V.A.Romanov at the Novodevichy Monastery (down the road from my hospital). The notice behind the programme book writes that whoever interested to join may gather at the lobby of my hospital at noon.

Hahahahaha I'm contemplating to join in the party. See first :)

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