Thursday, 8 January 2009

Farewell My Friend

Sharon is finally going to finish the final years of her psychology programme in Australia! We are glad everything is in place for her tertiary education Down Under but without me and Sharon in Malaysia, Sha and Tri have to keep the C4 spirit alive!

I managed to postpone our trip to JB. My uncle made arrangements for our visit but he was alright with the change. The farewell dinner was at a Thai restaurant called Basil Leaf in Jalan Ampang. Quite a nice, cozy atmosphere for private gatherings.. it suited our evening.

The lovely lotus flowers and tea candles

Turkish and I *giggles*

Sha trying to get some Sweet&Sour Garoupa

I won’t here for the sendoff this Saturday unfortunately, but I got her a gift (which she almost left behind on the table, the waitress caught her on time). We made jokes about the airport getting hit by a flood (of tears) because Sharon's mum is already missing her LOL

I wish her all the best in Bond University, hope she makes nice friends and don’t get too homesick. I’m not sure if I’ll be seeing her anytime soon, unless our homecomings clash. Otherwise, I only hope we will keep in touch by means of email and sms. Time flies and she’ll graduate in no time!

We call ourselves the C4
(because we hail from Cheras hehehee)

Bon voyage, Muffins!

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