Monday, 19 January 2009

Tooth And That

Turkish had been complaining about discomfort at the left upper dentals for a couple of months, and only last week (while in Malaysia) we went to a dentist. Dr.Chew said the decay on his 2nd molar was so deep that it has affected the nerve. That explained why my boyfriend was sensitive to the temperature.

We couldn’t stay longer for follow-ups, so we decided to visit a Russian dentist. We only had to go to the neighbours. Hahahahahaa I never mentioned that the building next to our apartment is a Dental Hospital.

Right on time ;)

The sweet lady at the registry (very rare case)

An anxious mother waiting for her children's turn

Since we are private patients (nil insurance policies), we were lead to a smaller hallway on the right wing. The staff were pretty nice, very friendly (since they'll be taking our money) and efficient. Within the hour and half, Turkish's tooth was x-rayed, temporary filling removed, nerve retracted, x-rayed again and sealed back with a new filling.

Turkish lying on the chair

Brrrrrr.. gives me the chill just looking from afar

Let's hope his tooth will be fine now :)


Johnny Ong said...

sweet lady behind the registry - which was rare?

a sweet person?

a lady?

a person behind the registry?

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Sweet lady behind the registry is rare. The combo is very rare.

They are usually roll their eyes and are the ill-mannered sorts.