Thursday, 1 January 2009

We Call Them Hai Ka

We spent our 1st day of 2009 in Kuala Kurau, the hometown of my 3rd uncle's wife. In Hokkien dialect, we call her sah sim (Chinese have different titles to address our elders). It was our first time to a fishing village, and it was an amazing experience! Even Mummy enjoyed herself, despite the sun and heat!

We saw it as a good omen ;)

The new regulation to buckle up in the back seats!

Sah sim wasn't a fisherwoman but she grew up in the neighbourhood. Upon arrival, we were greeted with warmth and everyone was so friendly. Of course the place smells fishy and salty but nothing lessen our enthusiasm! The tour was informal and fun! We rode on wooden boats (very speedy) along the Sungai Kurau. The scenery was picturesque. I loved every minute of it, especially the bright blue sky with fluffy clouds.

Mummy told me not to exaggerate
when I said it could pass of for Venice LOL

Women workers cleaning Keembong fishes I think

It was a lovely ride for us!
L-R: Mummy, cousins Siew Wen and Siew Wei, Sah sim and me

Turkish was melting under the scorching sun!

We even visited a couple of fish breeding stations on the river! Hahahahahaa you know what, this trip was also very educational. Sah sim's friends taught us how to differentiate sea creatures' sex, the crap about Thai crabs, fish and its tales, basically we had a Forrest Gump-Bubba moment but in fishing version LOL

A strange signal to the passing boat
But this is one of my favourite shots ;)

Floating houses of Kuala Kurau

Turkish scooping a raw clam LOL
He ate said it was nice (I wasn't convinced)

I fed the fishes on the breeding station!

Baby Tilapias.. lots of them!

In Hokkien, fishermen and its villagers are known as Hai Ka meaning Legs of the Sea. The ones we met were very hospitable. They may not be rich, but the joys of a big catch and visitors make them smile all the same. Being here, made life in the city complicated and noisy. Hai Ka people are humble, and they are content to make an honest living. I admire their simplicity :)

Sah sim's friend showing us a pair of crabs

Another passing boat :)

Siew Wei was really fond of Turkish LOL

Before we left, we got loads of seafood as gifts! ;)


peanut said...

walau... like sign up for a fishing village tour like that! never been to this kind of fishing village in my life!

can pass for venice of msia.

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Hehehee my aunt condemned that we nearly signed up for a tour like that.

The website's at (www)(dot)amazingplanner

If got chance, go for a tourlahhh.

peanut said...

want meh... msian go for msian tour.. very weird leh! later they pancung me..

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

City folks visit village folks, okay what. The Country Mouse gave the City Mouse a tour too LOL