Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Flashback 2008

I may have created a new blog for the new chapter of my life, old habits stay. Like the previous years, I try to recall all tears and joy on this day, and make a short entry about it. I don't write New Year's resolutions because I don't believe in them. I rather be free to change than obliged to follow. Let's see..

Sometimes I get gripped tightly by fear, this fear that I will forget about Daddy. Forget the sound of his voice, forget the look of his face or my memories of him will fade away. I miss Daddy. We don't talk about him as much anymore, but he is deeply etched in our hearts. Turkish told me I will not forget about Daddy, never. I believe him.

Fats entered National University of Singapore, pursuing his tertiary studies. He is a brilliant kid and we are all very proud of him. We keep in touch often, through SMS mostly. His words always make my day. He is growing up so quickly. As for Mummy, our dearest mother, is cheerful like always and supportive. My physical presence may be distant but I know we will be spending a lot of wonderful time together in near future! :)

I regret not being able to spend time with the C4 as much as before. I think about the donkey years when freedom was the word. No responsibilites, party 24/7.. well, those days are over. We don't chat 24/7 but Facebook keeps us updated on each other life and my Blog is always here. I miss them more than they can imagine.

My batchmates, my Group 3, my lovely Pisa and Boss.. it felt like too long time ago since we parted but it was just a little over 6 months ago when we graduated together. I can only wish perhaps one day, we will see each other again. I like being remembered, I really do but it doesn't happen always. That's life, I guess.

I made a handful of friends and pleasant people on the Blogosphere. It's something very new for me, in the sense that this kind of friendship needs more than words to build ;)

I might have met the one on 9th of February :)

My ambition since age of 8 is achieved. Looking back, all those years were worthwhile. The lifetime experiences, wisdom gained, What I'm doing now is an upgrade to my profession.
I chose a different path, which I feel is a blessing in disguise and a guide for embarking on further roads ahead.

Memorabilia of 2007