Saturday, 20 December 2008

Dairy Fats

It just hit me that I've been trying many different brand of milk for the past couple of months. I prefer buying cheapkai brands with the oldest/vintage design. I get extra kicks out of these Russian milk boxes. I remember Zhi Hao said one look very erotic LOL

My 1.5% fat milk carton collection so far!

The Happy Milkman

White Town Milk

Shepherd Boy's Milk.. his cows' anyways LOL

The Full Crock/pot

My favourite from the 70's


I'm not sure if anywhere else has so much variety of dairy products in the market. In Malaysia, milk comes either Lo-Fat/Hi-Fat or just Milk, if I remember correctly (I don't drink milk back home LOL).

In Russia, milk ranges from 0.5% to 6% fat. Apart from the very wide selection of yoghurt (every flavour/fat available), there's Kefir (a kind of fermented milk) and other form of Calcium-rich drinks. More of my dairy pictures to come!


ZhiHao Chua said...

good that we r in moscow~
i think one of the main reasons why girls here have fair creamy skin is because of the milk~ hehehe
or maybe wide variety of dairy products

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

It's make up, Hao! Make up!! Layers of foundation and powder!! LOL

ZhiHao Chua said...

lol... really?
Hao! Wake up! it's Make up!

Mich3ll3 said...

Girls love make up, gives us flawless skin..... so shiny & nice..... :0)