Saturday, 6 December 2008

Hawk Eyes

2 reasons I hesitated to go out this afternoon. I broke my hair clip while trying to tie my hair and while making breakfast, I broke the wooden ladle! Talk about bad omen. These things come in 3 and I didn't want to risk breaking my bone as the last.

I discussed with Turkish.

He told me to surround myself with cushions.

I told Mummy. She assured me it was all okay.

1/2 hour later, she called and said she spoke to higher wisdom folks.

They also said it's okay.

Hahahahahahahaha what a drama to start Saturday.

I had to overcome my superstitious-ness so Turkish and I carried on with our plan to visit the State Tretyakov Gallery. I mean, what can possibly go wrong when I am walking through 62 halls of 100,000 painting collection from 10th-19th century right?

I deserve to get arrestedlahhh if I break a frame or two.

Our entrance passes!

Since it's the weekend, the place was crowded and noisy.

I didn't enjoy as much as I normally would but I enjoyed looking at the paintings with Turkish very much. He is a fan of Russian arts, he said and I quote, "I feel closer to Russian art compared to European because they (Russian) are tied to their landscape, they are lovers to their lands and that's why their landscape paintings are majestic".

Hmmm.. what a turn on ;)

Plus he knows alot about arts and stories of its illustrations, he's like a walking audio-guide LOL Too bad cameras are forbidden in Tretyakov Gallery. The curators are old ladies but never underestimate their vision. Try whipping out any photographic device and the next second, they will be right next to you yelling, "PUT IT AWAY!".

I got caught twice. I thought I was very careful but obviously I had to obey to avoid further embarrassment to myself (and discomfort to the boyfriend). Still, I managed to catch a couple :P

Turkish at the start of our tour

School groups.. Russian kids are exposed to arts since little

The best potrait of Russia's greatest poet, Alexander Pushkin

I observed this kid snapping away but he was never caught!

I think we should come here again. I don't feel so satisfied because there were just too many people. My boots were stepped on by over-enthusiastic patrons, Turkish knocked into someone, it was pretty messy. I got to see a few of my favourites like so it was okay, at least.

We had dinner at a Chinese restaurant (located right around the corner of Tretyakov Gallery) called Chinese Garden and well, it looked pretty Chinese. Food was pretty authentic in flavour (prolly alot of MSG) except the stereos were blasting Western 80's music, from Cyndi Lauper to Boney M and the likes LOL

The only give away was that, the waitress served us a basket of white bread for the Chinese soup we ordered! I knew something was wrong.

Menu looks Chinese enough? :)

Turkish happily pouring tea for himself

What we had was quite the yums..

White rice that reminded me of a pair of tits LOL

My only picture of the day and it's blurred!

Well, at least I came home in one piece :)


Johnny Ong said...

its much easier to spot u as foreigners will tend to take pictures .... haha ... what a giveaway

Anonymous said...

hawkish eyes...i had my encounter. haha.

the best is , pretend not understanding russian

vialentino said...

my weekend ah....not easy but heavy...heavy with foods ler...u know melaka lah.....this time me kanasai liow...shud say my tummy kanasai liow

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Next time I'll wear a blonde wig to look mat salleh! LOL

~fall3n ang3l~ said...

nice..))) but i'm more fancy of the food..hehehee..

Mich3ll3 said...

Be careful not to get caught next time, babes!!!!Keep taking nice pictures for us;0)