Monday, 1 December 2008

Very Excite

A warm welcome into December!

I spoke to Mummy earlier this evening and we were discussing about our trip to Malaysia, how she's counting the days for our arrival! Hahahahaa me too!

Ooohhh.. Malaysia.. Tanahair ku... ooOoOOooohhh..

For as long as I was in Russia, every winter holiday was spent on traveling except in January 2005, I returned home for Chinese New Year. The reason I went back that time was kinda complicated but this time, this time will be fun, fun, fun! :)

Turkish won't be the only tourist. I haven't been to KL Tower, nor the Petronas KLCC Towers so we will go together. We will makan-makan at my favourite restaurants, go shopping, visit here and there. I doubt I will have much time to set meetings with every friend I have, but my best friends will meet him for sure!

I want to organise an island trip, Mummy would be delighted to come but I have a bad feeling it's monsoon season on the east coast. It cuts out Pulau Redang, Pulau Perhentian, basically it's not clever to go there at all. I guess we will just stick to Pulau Penang LOL

We will not fly over to the east Malaysia, I'm quite sure about that. We won't have that much time. Juggling from being in KL, Penang and back, we might visit Fats in Singapore though.. or go to Thailand. I have to check with Turkish if he needs visa or something.

Of course I'd like to visit everywhere but time is never enough for holidays! We can only make the best of it! *woot, woot!*


peanut said...

har? go thailand? it is dangerous there now wey.. everybody is fighting to go home from the airport!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Ooooohhh yes. I forgot about the demo going on LOL No worrieslahhh, we not going to Bangkok or the big cities.

Maybe rural areas or islands.

Or no Thailand at all LOL

Krissie said...

Wow!!! So Nice!!!!!!!!!! :D Safe journey back ya!! yep, it's the monsoon season now here in malaysia. recently the east coast like Kelantan flooded *terribly* is really unpredictable!!!!

wicrap said...

peninsular only?

let me suggest..
at least la go langkawi , or go climb gunung tahan. or bring him go fishing in tasik kenyir, or go sg kampar for rapids..

theres so much in msia.. :)

Joethew said...

so nice can celebrate new year eve,cny home...u from penang izit?

must bring ur turkish to penang road eat cendol & laksa ley..hehe=)

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Thank you for the suggestions! Hahahahaa now I'm even more excite to bring my bf to Malaysia!! :)

Kev said...

Thailand? Er...not a good time now. Welcome (back) to Malaysia. The stamp is nostalgic...reminds me of the good old days.

Mich3ll3 said...

Wish I could be in Malaysia too.... I miss the great food!!!1 We would order until whole table full of foods!!! So much warmth doing that :0) Hope your boyfriend will enjoy!

aManda玲慧 said...

enjoy your holidays back home ya. could you eat those yummy delicious food back there on my behalf? hehe.

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Ooohhh, my. I need to lose weight first LOL Lots of weight.