Sunday, 7 December 2008

Choo-choo Trains

Whaaaaaaaaat a hazardous Sunday!

We breathed in extra polluted air today at the Museum of the History of Railway Technology (M.Rizhskaya) but it was worth it!

The steam train exhibits were so impressive! I'm not much of a machinery person but the Russian-Soviet giganto machines excited me very much! They exude power of the industrial revolution at the turn of the century in Russia, these folks sure did engineer very nasty metallic beasts on massive cylinders and engines!

This museum would definitely drive loco fans loco.

Damn cute tickets! With a train on it!

Not so grandeur entrance

Symbol of the Soviet Railway - Hammer and Wrench

Aaaahh.. hello to the Soviet Red Star!

0-5-0 : Big wheels are like big balls for trains LOL

15 minutes wandering in the open-air museum, the Tour Train (which we missed) departed from the station. The puffing noises and smell of coal steam attracted a huge number of people to it. I was amazed by the amount and height of the thick, greyish-black smoke coming into view. It was exactly like the kindergarden picture I drew.. choo-choo train with a few wagons behind and clouds coming out of its chimney!

Breathtakingly beautiful, but painfully polluting :(

Very nice to see its red-spoked wheels propel in motion

More colourful trains from the 1930s!

This one came from Czech (my bf's tying his shoelaces on it LOL)

My favourite! A repair wagon that looks like a minibus!

We proceeded to the indoor section, which provides information on train travel, a huge model display of rail structure in the centre of the room (with futuristic bullet trains), charts and lots of blinking LEDs. I wasn't too interested though. I mean.. no plastic models can beat what we just saw outside but it's definitely very educational for school kids.
We saw a group of enthusiastic young boys studying the plan. Few interactive machines were placed right and left too.

Turkish simply pressing at the screen LOL

I like this picture :)
"Children are the future" and we want smart ones!

There's even a train simulator!

We came home and popped Anti-oxidants, Selenium, Vitamin B and drank gallons of water to detox. We couldn't stop laughing at ourselves. I'm not very sure of what but it was funny :)


peanut said...

ehhhhhhhh... soooooooooo niceeeeeeeeeeeee!!! where is this? the next time i go moscow i wanna go see! tell me tell me tell me!!!!!

how much is the entrance? far from center ker?

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

The ticket (with choo-choo train stamp) has the price and addresslah! 150pyb entrance and indoor museum another 250pyb.

It's located at M.Rizhskaya (orange line north). Not to say too far from centre :)

peanut said...

oooo ok.. write down first.. next time wanna go.. :P

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Wear a mask LOL