Friday, 26 December 2008

Merry Christmas

True enough, I spent Christmas at Sharon's house!

One cushion says it all ;)

The event was pretty messed up, due to delayed food pick up and bad traffic (heavy rain). What else is new in Malaysia, right? It was hilarious that Mummy, Belinda, Turkish and I showed up at the doorstep before their arrival! LOL

Thank God we have patience and patience is a virtue.

Sharon's mum invited many of her friends over, and was delighted that I brought Mummy to the party. Ooohh, Belinda is Mummy's friend. She took leave to go around KL with us until this weekend. The catered food was alright, nothing much to yell about either but it's really the company that counts. It was really good to see Sharon. I met her KTJ friend, Charu who's a real sweetheart.

Sharon, Charu and myself *giggles*

There was a turkey, lamb shank, Sheperd's pie, (alot of)
garlic bread, potatoes, cupcakes and bread pudding for dessert

Bon appetit!

I'm glad to be here this evening ;)

I didn't manage to see Sha who was at Dominic's place, and I couldn't wait any longer for her to come over to Sharon's. We left around 11.30pm. So that was it, pretty much wrapped up our Christmas for 2008.. my first after 6 years!

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