Saturday, 13 December 2008

Art Planet

Turkish and I went all the way to M.Svetnoi Bulvar to search for the Centre for Contemporary Arts M’ARS. Many interesting exhibitions are usually held there until an army of TV crew were there today, out of all days, to shoot a film/drama/porn.


Sighhh. We could only round up the smaller wing. Not to say their collection striked my fancy. The halls were empty, most of the art pieces are beyond the meaning of contemporary.. except a couple which were quite funny-looking. Out of all modern art galleries that I've been to.. M'ARS failedlahhh. It's the least entertaining. Turkish is right about the place being way too deserted.

We were the only visitors, apart from the TV crew and security guard.

Some halls were occupied like this..

God knows what they were shooting

I feel my outfit is matching with this piece :)

Colourful paintings, not much eyesores

I can't tell if it's a pig or a cat
Entitled "Potrait" by Kadan Nikita (2006)

Russian girls on the day of high school graduation!
You wish! But yes, they do wear a sash over themselves

Fooling around :P

Turkish felt punished LOL

The security guard felt bad, he offered to snap this for us

We will never return, ever..

Heheheee it wasn't THAT bad, to be honest. We roamed around the district and for a casual Saturday, it was pretty fun. At least we know what M'ARS is like now! :)


Joethew said...

The Entitled "Potrait" by Kadan Nikita got human's eyes & eyebrows those colorful painting..=)

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

But the nose like a piggy's? LOL