Monday, 8 December 2008

Strong Will

I want to lose some weight.
This time I am sure I can do it with sheer determination!

1. I need lots of storage space for Malaysia
We will eat, eat, eat and eat. Malaysians are bonded by food and that's a fact. Plus, it seems to be a fad nowadays. Everywhere I read and hear are updates about food and restaurant recommendations. It'll be Turkish's 1st visit to Malaysia so naturally I'd like him to try almost all the local favourites which also means, very naturally I will eat along!

2. White Christmas event on 21st December
Jimmy informed me about the charity banquet dinner. I don't feel good not being in my top form. I mean, what am I going to wear? I have many dresses in my cupboard and the ones I like don't flatter me anymore. I have love chubs visible on the sides (in another words, the fats are spilling at my waist). I'm not thinking of buying a new costume (my friends ached hunting for theirs last year).

3. It's about time anyways
You see, since we moved into this apartment, we haven't installed a mirror. We used to have one in the bathroom, above the sink. The frame broke so we removed it and the only mirror in the house is a hand-held mirror, only good for the face. Imagine more than a month without QC (quality control) of myself! It's unbelievable how I managed to live for so long, unaware of my physical outlook! Seriously.

I'm the kind who eats one meal, gain the weight of eating three meals.

You get what I mean? And to lose these excessive calories, I need to skip 5 meals. I never had professional advice nor followed proper diet plans. So yeahh, it's the usual starvation programme which usually works, only not so healthy.

I feel a bit bad for Turkish because he said he'll go on diet too (to support me). He's being a darling but I feel awful. He's got high metabolism rate. I don't want him left with bones before I can achieve the slim figure I aim for. Okay, I'm not sure how slim I want to be but my gauge is, back to fitting my skinny jeans and dresses. My weight has never changed in years, I'm 54kgs at 160cm.

Let us finish up the last yoghurt pie in the fridge, then I shall begin! LOL

ps. yoghurt pie damn yummy, rich and creamy *drools*


soolynnie said...

hahahah. hillarious. tats what babylee always do before a diet. and the diet nvr started.

Anonymous said...

alwiz like to eat..... u not fat is fake:P

Joethew said...

Gambate!u can do it with ur strong will definately!yea..agree!mirror plays major role in diet prog..get a long mirror which can reflect urself..dun forget the weighting machine & waist measuring tape too!

eat more fruits & vege lor..better to take salad without mayonnaise..

hehe..i'm on diet too!wink* let's gambate!=p

ZhiHao Chua said...

good luck!

Kev said...

haha...if you check out Malaysian blogs, many of them post photos of FOOD...tonnes of food enough to feed the poor :)

Eat in moderation.

wicrap said...

and i wonder why u put down ur height and

hope u make ur target

Krissie said...

Gambate!!!!!!!!! :D U can do it!!!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Thank you for all your support! *sniff, sniff*. Gambate! :)

Johnny Ong said...

in order to have a better metablolisme rate, all u need is exercise. consistent exercise will make yr body burn the calories much faster than skipping meals (and this is not good at all)

i do eat lots and lots of food. at each gathering, i'll be the food sweeper (u get to wallop all food of the table)

only way to maintain proper body built, i do exercise just to continue with my good appetite for food without any worries of fat or cholesterol

Mich3ll3 said...

Why are you worried, babes? you look darn fit so i don't think any DIET is neccessary!!!

aManda玲慧 said...

CJ i find it so hard to resist food and go on diet too! all the best and good luck k :)

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Tonight steam fish! :)