Wednesday, 17 December 2008

The Mentalist

Apart from exploring the streets of Moscow, Turkish and I enjoy home entertainment too. For the past 2 weeks, we've been watching TV series in the evenings. The last time I wrote about this topic was my heat for the Winchester brothers Supernatural.

Season 1, 2 and 3 were good but right now, I must say Season 4 is returned with little suspense. More like sub-ed with conspiracies. I don't know what happened but a few episodes have been quite disappointing. I thought I was watching a comedy or Ed Wood rediscoveries. We'll just have to keep watching and see..

Good news is, I'm in love again.

Hahahahahaahaa with The Mentalist.

Learn how to pronounce..

Learn the meaning..

Every picture got mouse pointer.. ooooops!
I grabbed the scenes off Episode 2 (because it's special)

Simon Baker who plays Patrick Jane, a consultant for CBI (California Bureau of Investigation) is sharp, awesome, charming, handsome and totally an ooooohhh-la-la. The Mentalist is another police crime drama worth watching. The cast is good, they make a great team and the lines are witty. The plot of the story doesn't derive too far so it isn't mind-boggling that sort of thing.

2-thumbs up!

I didn't like the Pilot and second episode initially, but Turkish liked Patrick Jane's character saying he's very clever and the series got potential so I gave it another try. Thank God I did! :P I never knew with observation and studying people's gestures, mimics can solve crimes! Only Patrick Jane can do it. He's got the sexiest hair, dirty blonde curls and that cheeky smile..

They took this part away at the intro
Rest of the episodes are without his grin *sniff, sniff*

Aaahhhh.. he's so gorgeous!

We are definitely watching another episode after dinner today LOL


peanut said...

mentalist should be magician wat.. hahhaa

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

His magic struck me LOL

Sha said...

Small trivia: he was in The Devil Wears Prada.

Hotness factor, agreed!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

OooOoOoo.. but I didn't watch that movie!

JayneAi said...

i love this show too...i find him super yeng but most of my fren disagree..:p

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

We have taste! *high-5*