Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Under Spotlight

My 3 weeks' leave isn't gonna be a big loss for the department. Work's been pretty tiring, and boring because lately the number patients with Psoriasis, Ezcema, et al. that are provoked by seasonal change/cold hiked.

Basically, the same shit different day scenario.

The more interesting cases are always shared and discussed with the Professors, they won't be under my list, that's for sure. Professor Ivanov corrects native Russian speakers on their grammar (sometimes make an issue out of it). Like hell I'm gonna put myself up on the table!

Anyways, I enjoyed the cross-reference meeting with Prof.Potekaev earlier today. He was born in 1929 so it makes him 79 years old this year. He remembers everything there is to know in Dermatology, all its contents down to the last minute detail when he can't even walk straight.

I can't even recall the chapter I read on Monday LOL

In these two-times-a-week meetings, highlighted cases are presented. These important professors like to give their opinion/advice/experience even when the patient's reacting perfectly well to treatment. Not that I'm complaining, it's a good thing except that the lecture hall was so damn cold today (snowed heavily and at -6C), I had to sneak out to pee.

42 year old man,diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma

A tumour which arised from the site of lesion
(sorry, bad angle.. otherwise it really sticks out)

Where I'm training, the Department of Skin and Veneral Diseases is a teaching hospital. They are famous for the having the biggest moulage collection, most realistic too. Back then in my 4th Year, we were brought to see the exhibits inside the huge cabinets. They look rubbery and gross but all the professors take great pride in their mock art.

Prof.Potakaev sharing stories of his prime

Yeahhh, I think they're pretty impressive too

These are all over the building but they are closed

I'm not sure why my Nokia 6300 takes such bad quality pictures now. Okay, I think I know why. I've dropped it like 101 times, sometimes into pieces but I thought Nokia is very durable? I guess I have to add it to my shopping list when in Malaysia. Time for a new handphone! LOL


Johnny Ong said...

they allow u to take photos of patients being examined?

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

In the examination room, yes but with many people around, I snap discreetly.

janus said...

woot a doctor in the making eh? nice nice..

well we can take photos around many people if we ask for their permission.. just like my case in a dialysis center.. bloghopping! :P

Mich3ll3 said...

Medicine is definately not my field, girl! I feel grossed out with my own snortie *lol*....I don't think i can handle other ppl