Sunday, 21 December 2008

For A Good Cause

I have 3 things to bitch about before I begin to write about the White Christmas Charity Ball '08 we just attended.

1. My haircut looks like shit. Turkish's Indian barber can wait. I'm going to Lisa (my hairdresser) first thing when I touch down. OMG. My hair's plastered to my face, making it rounder and flatter.

2. My camera was on PMS. Nia behh. The pictures we took are either blurred or too dark. Maybe it's because Turkish didn't take them properly.. I don't know.. I really think it's time for a SLR *snicker*.

3. And there's absolutely NO white Christmas this year. Not even close. The day when Moscow is still snow-less in December, I think the world's coming to an end sooner than we expect.

But overall, the evening was nice :)

Turkish and I were the few punctual ones. We arrived at Hotel Radisson Slavyanskaya at 4pm sharp (80% waltzed in an hour late). Despite its grandeur on the outside, with painting exhibits and all the spotlight, I was abit miffed to see the plain backdrop inside. Someone said it was done last minute.

Really white alright LOL

On our table, almost meant for VIPs! ;)

Ahhhh, the agonizing diet paid off! (I think)

Fine, those pork chop arms won't slim and my youth is slipping away compared to the younger, hotter, skinnier girls. I called out, "Come take picture with the old lady" and the girls scurried over. Also, I made a mistake wearing the long chain which was dangling all over my breasts at the wrong directions LOL

L-R: Eng Tai, Christina, Shing Ni, Me, Jia Yu, Ashley and Sophia

L-R: Joey, Me, Turkish and Ker Hsin

The handful of talented doctors in the making, really are masked musicians and singers (and a bunch of skillful cooks!). Throughout the near 3-hour fundraising event, there were many performances by the students and guests. Sezann the Magician and a rap dance crew were hired to spice up the evening. I was delighted to see the familiar faces, friends and the long-time-no-see ones.

I miss my batchmates here today..

Eng Tai performed to Michael Buble's Fever, and Jingle Bells

Sezann and his 36DD/E cup assistant
Now talk about MAJOR distraction for a magic show!

Turkish enjoyed himself pretty much. This was our first time at a sit-down function together. Food was served by the committee members. Hehehee I saw them piggin' out at the buffet slab at the back of the room! Maybe Singapore Airlines was one of the sponsors, the food reminded me of inflight meals :P You know, broiled vegetables, grilled salmon fillets, saucy pasta.. I like!

Turkish and I *giggles*

Clockwise: Salads, entr'ee, curry and dhal, my main course

**the Indian cuisine was added to the menu specially for the non-Malaysian guests but it was spicy for Turkish, even for me.. but then again, I can't take spicy. The dhal tasted FAR from Pisa's anyways.. hers is still the No.1 champion! Ooohhhh.. how she cooks dhal like a real Indian who does her laundry on Ganges River.

So like I said, my camera was on emo mode.. I don't have too many photos. Hopefully I'll see some on Facebook and prolly steal them. Entertainment, food and donation for a good cause was an excellent combo. I am glad we managed to raise quite a bit of money for the CHILDREN'S HOPE INTERNATIONAL, RUSSIA PROGRAM. The auction of handmade and collectable items itself sold a couple of hundred dollars.

Bravo to SMSA and MMCU organising committee!

90,000pyb (US$3180) means joy for many, many orphans!

The event wasn't perfect but it was brightened by warmth from many good hearts. Turkish complimented that Malaysians are capable of running big shows. He loves the food, the atmosphere and friendliness of our people. He likes Malaysia already ;)

Merry Christmas, people!


Borneo Falcon said...

Looking good girl

~fall3n ang3l~ said...

u look gorgeous at the ball))
glad that u n turkish enjoyed it, somehow...hahahaha..:P:P

by the way, the magician's name is Sevan:P:P
merry christmas n happy new year!!!!!
safe journey home to malaysia, and happy holiday~~


Mich3ll3 said...

Aww.... you really sparkle!!!im glad you had fun babes. Merry XMas and Happy, happy new year to you! :0)

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Thank you, thank you for the kind words :) Happy holidays to all of you. Have a good one this coming year! Watch out for my scheduled posts!


peanut said...

wah... i spotted somebody i know.. LOL i wanna watch magic show too laaaa...

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

I'm still in Moscowlahhh.. I fly tonight at 10pm ;)