Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Productive Day

There is a patient in our department diagnosed with Kimura Disease.

This is a rare case and we got to treat the patient first hand.

Kimura Disease is a benign, chronic inflammatory disorder with unknown etiology, commonly presenting with subcutaneous masses (painless upon palpation) on the head/neck region or unilateral cervical lymphadenopathy. Lesions slowly enlarge with occasional pruritus.

Patients are predominantly males, of middle-age group and Asian descent. Our patient bears the classic clinical picture, especially with single and multiple subcutaneous nodules on the periauricular, parotid and submandibular regions. Some of the lesions look like mutated grapes. Reminds me of semi-formed raisins.

Quality of the picture's a bit poor.. sorry

I felt them. They were rubbery and pokey from his stubble.

Weird sensation. Blerghhhh.

Professor Potakaev (one of the two Dermatology patriachs of Russia) came in for consultation. We stood up to greet him and nearly saluted like soldiers. He asked a couple of questions and nodded on the diagnosis. Kimura Disease is similar to another idiopathic disease called Angiolymphoid Hyperplasia with Eosinophilia (ALHE) which has more or less the same clinical findings (marked elevated eosinophils in CBC, lesions on the exact spots etc) but they differ in histological compotents, so it is pretty safe to seal the deal.

*Kimura Disease does not cause proliferation of the blood vessels

L-R : Prof.Potakaev, Dr.Netrunenko (Head of Dept.) and Dr.Ignateev

Kimura Disease isn't life-threatening, rarely leads to malignancy. But it has the potential to disfigurement, so the best thing for the patient is to get rid of the nodules. Hopefully the complex treatment prescribed improves his condition. He shouldn't be walking around the streets looking like Freddy Krueger wannabe.

On a happier note (a real happy note!), I got permission for my 3-week holiday! Hahahahaa I went up to Prof.Olisova this afternoon, told her I want to be home for Christmas and New Year's. She was like, "Okay, write it on a piece of paper". That was easy! I was expecting to give long, short explanation! She and Prof.Kochergin (my curator) didn't hesitate, made some jokes even. Later, I overheard them whispering, "We can't let other Ordinaturas on leave though".

No matter! As long as I get to leave! LOL

Bottom left, signed with "No objection" :)

Malaysia, wait for our arrival!

Ooohhh.. I'm such a Drama Queen. I was home 5 months ago but I make it sound like I haven't gone home since 2002 :P


Anonymous said...

even if they dont allow also u'll run away la..hehe :DD

Johnny Ong said...

its this type of drama that will get u places ...... haha

i'm goin home on 23 dec .... cant wait too

Mich3ll3 said...

I am sure your superiors will let you home! It will be very cruel if they don't.... happy 4u :0)

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Leeds : Hahahahaa my bf and brother said the same thing.

Johnny : Wish you a good trip!

Michelle : Thanks ;)

ManMeng said...

Evey! Great and happy to read things getting more and more interesting :D Did you strangle someone ? :P

Just drop by to say hi to you! eh, you haven't pass me the address leh :o

ksc said...

i'm happy to hear ur doing so well. tc babes <3 i'll call u one of these days.... ciaozz