Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Diana+ My Day

The header of my blog, as you can see, I am wearing a funny-looking camera. You don't recognise it as a digital camera nor believe that I am too cool for old school *giggles*.

But it is, indeed none other than the plastic camera, Diana+.

Bravo to Gabriel Lai who spotted my Lomo.

Hahahahaaa not my "lou mou" as in mother in Cantonese. But yeah, same sound. We became big fans of Lomography because we were influenced by other Lomo users who posted their photographs on the website. They look amazing. The quality of the pictures always turns out a surprise because you may never know what you captured. The lighting, setting, and subject have either big or small importance, sometimes no role at all.

I collected the photographs from PhotoLab this afternoon after work. 2 rolls of 120mm films which were way overdue! They were taken during our summer holidays in Turkey. Hahahaa I don't know why it took us this long to process them. Too lazy :P

Here are some samples!

View of Istanbul from Galata Tower
OMG! There's an exact picture of this taken with digicam!

St. Antoine Church (partial bronze statue of the Pope)

WTF.. I look like I'm gonna strip *rofl*

In the gardens of a private mansion
It's Turkish in the background, by the way LOL

Emblem of the Ottoman Empire on its foreground

Taken on the hillside of Izmir

Something like that. I have more in the batch but enoughlahhh. I think nobody uses camera that runs on films anymore.. at least I don't know anyone who does. Of course, it's less convenient compared to memory sticks and USB cables, you can't even upload the pictures onto the comp immediately. But clicking away and turning the spooler to reel the film (Diana is THAT manual) is fun!

Lomography is a fine hobby.

I think we need to get a scanner soon LOL


Krissie said...

Nice pics!!!!!! Yeah, the effect on those pictures are simply amazing...nice eh....But I never heard of Lomo :(

Gabriel Lai said...

Lomo camera is chun... keep it up CJ... I wanna get one Lomo soon, maybe a Digital version, so that I won't waste some money on film... lolz

peanut said...

eh.. i got a fren who is interested in buying those LOMO camera worrr.. u know where to get it in moscow?

soolynnie said...

Tong Bao!!!! We are really from the same hometown ya.

I was slightly interested in Lomo before this but NOW, I think I'm hooked!!! Hahahhaha.

I love the pic u were about to strip naked. Hahahha.

I'm thinking of getting the Fisheye. U have any recommendations?!!?

peanut said...

u print out den onli scan izzit? can see flash nih..

eh.. wanna get one.. got any model to recommend not...

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Yalahhh.. no scanner so I snapped with camera. I've got a scanner now, I'll scan the stack one of these days ;)

Go to their website and see. I suggest you buy those models that run on 35mm films. Mine is Diana+ that runs on 120mm... very rare shops sell that film.

Now it's antique, until I get some more films.