Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Home And Back

So.. I have returned to Moscow after a wonderful holiday with Turkish.

Holidays are never enough no matter how long they last. This time it meant alot, firstly for Daddy’s ceremony and secondly, to introduce my boyfriend to my relatives and extended families. Guess what. Everyone liked him before his butt had the chance to warm up the chair LOL

It was luck that we managed to purchase cheaper air tickets for our trip to Malaysia, really. I feel that I should write about this flight. I was sceptical about the standards of this company and true enough, I was right. When we departed on 23 December, the passengers were 90% men. Probably retrenched construction site workers sent home.

The 4-hour flight to Tashkent was hilarious. Most of the passengers thought they were on a bus. Not only they were asking for beer and more beer, we overheard one sitting in front of us asked if the meal was free. Turkish and I couldn’t help snickering. Any female who walked down the aisle (to the loo) were gawked at and raped by sight. I didn’t dare go to pee!

When we landed, thunderous clapping was made (Turkish joined in!). And then, metal clinking sounds were heard immediately. These men unbuckled their safe belts when the plane was still in motion! They even started to open the cabins to unload their bags! The stewardess came running and instructed them to return to their seats. When she turned her back, they reached for the cabins again LOL

Idiots. Transit took 6 hours but our excitement to reach KL was beyond measure, time zoomed by quickly. One hour after another and we were on the plane again. This time without annoying men but mostly families and business executives.

Tashkent-KL on Christmas Eve! :)

It's not a fun place to be.. freaking boring
You can forget about Duty Free shops too

Hahahahaa we had to take a bus to board this plane

But we were happy.. at least we are flying to Malaysia!

We flew in from the north (unlike most flights)

View of KL by night (not sure where exactly)

Home sweet home for 3 weeks!

Last night’s flight was okay too. Over so many years of flying, I have developed a sleeping skill so great that I only wake up for food and toilet. Nothing physical gets to me. My body is that power. Moscow was +3C when we landed at Domodedovo Airport. Hmmmm.. I really don’t want to complain about the unusual warm weather in mid-January but I don’t want hell to freeze over too.

Back to work, back to school. Strangely, it felt good when we stepped into our apartment. And Turkish agreed :)


AzAzura said...

oh no!!!i thought of asking you out tonight!! ah nevermind next time ok spend more time here lah !im glad u had a great time here and everybody loves Mr Chin Joo...u take care hun xxxxx

Joethew said...

Welcome back!(^V*)

yea..really unusual winter this year..the coldest went down -22oC..now getting warmer d..

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Ms.Chin Joo, sayang! Apa ni, Mr!! Don't tell me you always thought I was a man!! LOL

Kev said...

Even Malaysians behave the same way when the plane lands. Can't wait for it to come to a standstill before reaching for their precious bags... well, kiasu ma - including me :)

But then again, they probably couldn't wait to get out of the flying "bus" to meet their families.

Good posts... too bad, no Melaka photos. Ceh! :)