Monday, 26 January 2009

Freezing Blocks

1st Day of CNY, and we froze ourselves out in the open LOL

Turkish and I went to the Ice Sculpture Festival in MGU's Botanical Gardens (M.Prospekt Mira) around 6pm (after my boyfriend finished work). Hehehee I didn't stop bugging Turkish to go there after seeing some stolen pictures on Amy's blog.

Well, it isn't like the famous Harbin's International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival in China but definitely no loss dropping by. Fine, fine. I don't really have much nice words to talk about this place because it isn't so impressive and I was freezing the whole time! Our house is so warm, it makes me lose reality of the temperature outdoor. That's why I wasn't fortified for the cold :P

The theme of this event is called Blizzard 2009, and most of its exhibits are symbolic landmarks of major cities in the world. I couldn't take good pictures, again because of the lighting and shaky hands. You know the reason, ai. Most of the sculptures are illuminated with single-coloured LEDs, nothing much to yell about. In fact, some of them have lost its shape because of the inconsistent winter this year. Some days we have positive and other days negative.

I think the Ox isn't the fanciest animal around

Meet my friend, the Emperor Penguin from Antarctica!

The mermaid from Copenhagen in green

Still the same Danish myth creature, in pink

Eiffel Tower of Paris.. too bad I couldn't be in the pic

Christ the Redeemer of Brazil's icy replica

And guess who is here too.. our very own Twin Towers!!

And many more others lined in the park :)

I shouldn't be whining so much.. afterall, we did have a romantic evening. Maybe next time we can make it to Harbin?


D said...

OMG, those are sooo cool! I've never seen anything like it. The Eiffel tower sculpture looks so pretty, you should have taken a pic beside it! =)

linkmoko said...

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Johnny Ong said...

not bad, even twin towers is well known there

peanut said...

aiyuuuu.. i'm so boring at home.. HELP!!!

aManda玲慧 said...

i actually went there expecting it to be like Harbin's Ice Festival but sadly it wasn't as great as Harbin's, but still had fun taking pictures there :)

richard said...

I love the pictures...beautiful...Nice blog...

Thank you for visiting my blog as well...

Keep on smiling....