Monday, 1 June 2009

Woes Of Work

"I show up same time as you so shut the fuck up"

I think I'm having some problems at work. I'm not as happy as I'd like to be and a couple of my colleagues irritate the shit out of me. If you ain't gonna teach me shit or help me in any way.. then leave me alone. Making fun of my Turkish language prolly makes him feel like a big hero.

Then there are others too. OMG. I'm so not in the mood to save lives talk about it.

Oooohhh why, why, why am I in such a dilemma.

Speaking in foreign tongue is already difficult and I'm no 5 year old absorbing water like sponge, I'm freaking 25 and going goo-goo-gaa-gaa isn't a pretty sight. Thank God my style fits it so others don't take me as a retard. I remain positive all this while telling myself (and being told) that everything will be okay. I don't know but it's really hard to see anything good doing what I do at the hospital, with the patients, asking help from left and right..

Russia was no easy task but here isn't all dandy either.

At least there are times like now, I don't feel good about anything at all. I don't write about them here because like I say before, I prefer remembering good times but once in a while, we need to keep bad ones for rainy days. Could be PMS matter like last month but if PMS gets be back to reality, it's not so bad huhhh.

I know most of the time I sound like a ladi-da having the time of my life and some of you prolly wonder what the hell am I really doing. Sometimes I wonder the same question.

Bloody hell. To the ones on my hit list right now, let me say :

If you're in my shoes, start a life as a yabanci in a yabanci-land and speak yabanci language. I bet you won't survive as long as I did, muthaaaa.. you'll lose your damn hair bald and as it is, you're already half bald. Whether you shoved me aside on purpose or not, you shouldn't have done that!!! :(

To the other idiot in blonde, fuck you. You may earn much more than I do but money isn't everything. Fuck you and your money talk. I'm happy with what I have. At least I'm lovable, you pig. Big show off.

My dear readers. All the "you" isn't referring to you, YOU. Unless.. seni sevmiyorum, evet, SEN.

Let the bad days be over.. please, please, please. I need my mojo back!


aManda玲慧 said...

Calm down CJ, there's nothing much that I can help but I hope things do get better, do not lose hope ya :)

JayneAi said...

Ya...but thank GOD u have a blog to release things that make u unhappy...:)..ull be fine Chin Joo..we support you:) we'll pray that everything will be fine over there.Its super super super duper tough being in a foreign land.But i really salute u..hehe cuz its not easy wei.Remain ur positive thinking and do ur best as a loving and caring and sweet doctor..:)
BIG BIG HUGS....muah

soolynnie said...

Welcome to the working world, Tong Bao!
You can do it, I know, Tong Bao! Show all those fuckers the power of Malaysians... we survived in this country as 2nd citizens. We can survive anywhere as yabancis.

mei said...

Ignore them. Losers!

... What's tong bao??

Kev said...

The wonders of blog:

1. an avenue to voice frustrations
2. an avenue to receive support from friends all over the world
3. an avenue to share

CJ, since it's your first job, and the Turks don't know you yet, give yourself some time. The day will come when your shitty colleagues will thank their lucky stars that they've you as a co-worker. Of course, there'll be sour grapes everywhere, but some will just be your good friends in the end.

It all takes time... and patience. Your challenge now is to learn and master the new language, and in the meanwhile put up with their behaviour.

Hope to see you around some day.

Sha said...

Be strong, Chinny!!! Working life is like that la. A totally new experience for us so we just have to deal with the occasional crap. Especially since we can't lash out like we would like to towards colleagues/bosses.

Muakssss. Try to focus on the things that make you happy and ignore the losers. Love you.

Anonymous said...

this is life..even u in m'sia u might face +/- situation thou..just being humble & learn lur..what to do..just hope they change their attitude against u..mb someday they realize being a yabanci is not easy there..dun give up!luck will come to you!*big bear hug*

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Thank you for all your support :)