Thursday, 14 May 2009

Discover Myself

I never really thought I would have PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) like 80% of the women out there.

I was very irritable, uncooperative and quiet. Tolga said he sensed red lights glarrrring like hell, he knew he had to be nice and soft with me. Smart man, haaa? :P It's uncanny how easily people notice (almost immediately) that I'm "not happy". A few of my colleagues made statements that I'm sad while some joked that the reason was, I can't get married.

Which reminds me that it is partly to be blamed for my foul mood. Yes, I can't get married until I get my hands on this "Surat Pengesahan Taraf Perkahwinan (Sijil Status Bujang)" from Putrajaya back in Malaysia. The Turkish Marriage Registry requires written proof that I'm single because polygamy is forbidden in this country. I might have to return in person for this shitpaper. What a hassle :(

Other that my PMS and setback on our wedding plans, I'm fine.

I'm learning a lot at work, and my favourite department is the MRI room. The giganto machine excites me. Hehehee just kiddinglahhh. It's comfortable there and the radiologists are all cool Joe's. Actually my favouritest department is really the canteen. Food is delicious, free, great service and we get to see hunky Orthopaedic specialists carry lunch trays with their tight, muscular arms. Hahahahahaha I'm getting hungry. Ooooooohhh, carrying lunch trays with very tight and muscular arms indeed! :P

Here are a couple of pictures from the rose bushes in the garden.
We have officially entered the spring season and soon, we'll be sweating like pigs because the heat will be unbearable.

Beautiful pink roses..
I'm going to start chopping stalk by stalk and sell them like a gypsy would

Tolga was trying to make Pisi pose for me but she wouldn't
Hehehehee force was the only solution.. see how a cat freeze always works


vialentino said...

wahliow...the pink rose flower damn huge ler....wat fertilizer u all use?

iamthewitch said...

Thanks for visiting! Your blog is really interesting! I never knew of anyone from Turkey before this, guess you'll be the first! :)

Emonix said...

Hope things go well, you're probably due for a visit back to Malaysia anyways ;)

joethew said...

hey..surprisingly saw ur fb post pre-wedding goun..omg..u're getting merry d..happy for u..congrats..but can't the embassy help u to settle this wat surat pengesahan?just a fax or letter wor..ei,post up more pic ler..will visit ur blog time by time..=D

joethew said...

*marry..typo..nyway merry marriage..=D

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Hopefully all goes well.. I'm crossing my fingers till they bend ;)

Cindy said...

Everything will be fine, and you'll soon be marrying happily!!!

Johnny Ong said...

cant get married??? hehehehe

JayneAi said...

haha...the cat is so funny...:)...ur roses are so beautiful:) have a blessed wedding..hugs..:)

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

I think my bridal bouquet can just pluck from the garden LOL