Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Counting On Crunch

I've started back on yoga/pilates today. The last time I stretched a muscle was back in Nikulinskaya Ulitsa. I remember Pisa and I were very determined to execute these workouts but I think I gave up while she continued and then the continuation we did after was cook more, ate more.

Tolga dl-ed this 40-45minute CRUNCH Workout Super Slimdown session for me. It isn't too difficult but I don't think I'm going to look like the instructor anytime soon. Also, the fit ones in the program wear tank tops, showing off their abs to the world while the still-not-there-yet wear T-shirts and put at the back of the room LOL

Mostly, I "follow Marty" who has modified the moves for beginners. For example, when the instructor and the rest of the class does the head up, body bent in, legs 30degrees, pull in pull out move.. Marty does the head up, body bent, pull in pull out (omit the legs 30degrees because it might burst my bladder). It's not as easy as it sounds! Serious!

So let's see how I'll be in a month's time! ;)

"Reach for the skies.. just reach out for it.. oooohhh.. yes you can"

See Marty LOL


aManda玲慧 said...

I need to work out too! Have not been visiting the gym for some time, and there never seems to be any free time for me due to the upcoming exams..All the best :)

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Don't worry.. all the hardwork you're preparing for the exam is equivalent to physical workouts! :)