Sunday, 10 May 2009

French Tongue

Almost every Chinese believes that there is a Chinatown no matter where you go. That is not true. Of the cities I've lived in, Moscow has none except the name Kitai-Gorod which is direct Russian translation, but you won't see any Shaolin-lookalikes nor redness in the district. I remember there isn't even a Chinese restaurant close by. Istanbul has no Chinatown too.

So we resolved to visiting Cezahir Sokağı (Algerian Street) which is known as the La Rue Française, or French Street is famous for its pubs and restaurants playing live music. Don't ask me why Algerian to French, but I suppose money talks, name walks. The narrow passage is really pretty, with colourful tents and furnitures on the stone steps. They are authentic Parisian material from the Municipality of Paris, including the century-old street lamps.

I like the address plate.. it looks like some truck ran over it LOL

The French have a very important legacy in Beyoğlu (this district)..
Buildings on Cezayir Street bear the signature of famous French engineer Marius Michel

Hehehehee a curious cat peeked out from the grills when I was snapping around

Some cheapkai-looking sculpture which I decided to pose with :P

Kinda creative, isn't it?

More colours, more charm to attract customers!

I love their purple couches, sofa sets and lightings in every other joint.. nice!

Tolga relaxing on the steps, admiring the greens and a breath of fresh air

I've been to France before. Sadly, I didn't enjoy my visit much. Almost all my friends who went there loved it especially Boss and Pisa. Hummmphhhh. I found this pseudo French Street lovely and all, but we didn't stay for a cuppa or anything. I thought this place is only nice to look at. Which was a good thing because it's quite the ex LOL


Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

really look nice place.. hoping to go one day.. and the rose at lattest post really so nice !

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Hehehee buy rose for your "chipmunk"! ;)