Saturday, 9 May 2009

Our Alyans

Tolga and I went to scout for our alyans (pronounced as ah-lee-ans) at Eminönü today! :)

Alyans means wedding bands in Turkish. Though unnecessary, let me declare that we both have never been married before. This is our first time LOL We are learning the customs and traditions to marital bliss step by step. I know, I know I've been raving about this deal on every other post lately but you really can't blame me! Even the simplest metal which symbolizes marriage isn't so simple after all.

Ever heard of the joke "Marriage consists of 3 rings: Engagement ring, Wedding ring, Suffering"?

Heheheee what a bugger joke. I don't know if that is true (yet) but Tolga said that there are 3 rings for me; engagement ring (customarily the one-stone diamond), wedding ring (traditionally matching gold rings) and eternity ring (post-marriage). He will only have the gold band :P We were excited to choose our alyans, and curious whether we would pick the classic plain ones or fancy designs. Then we were unsure if we would like the same element. I like white gold while he thinks the yellow hue would suit his finger better (and match his gold-rimmed glasses).

Destination: Eminönü
Mission: Wedding ring hunt ;)

One of the hundreds of goldsmith shops in the district, this is the common display from outside

Most shops have been around for decades and they boast skillful ringmakers with godly craftmanship

I expected local names but an Italian jeweler, Roberto Bravo has goods in all 3-storey

We narrowed down our search to Alyans-specific shops, especially the famous ones

And voila.. T&S Alyans!
Heheheee I know it doesn't sound so glamourous but this is it :)

Our perfect pair of Alyans were chosen behind this modest glass window..

Our experience was easy (but Tolga says, "Yeahhhh.. easy for you but for me, you were unbearable" LOL). Definitely funny too because I couldn't make up my mind. We tried on white gold, which Tolga looked good with it too but then my sight shifted to a couple of elegant gold rings! So from one ring to another, back at the previous ones and then repeat 2-3x. I felt bad for the shopkeeper who attended to my fickle taste!

Finally, we couldn't believe we found the one we both adore. It's so lovely and we know it will signify our love. The bands will be with us for life.. it just feels so right. They fit us so well.. I don't know how to put them to words. I'm sure when you go through the same path, you will be able to understand :)


Kev said...

You could make the wedding as simple or as complex as you want it to be. What's more important that it is a memorable and meaningful day for you.

Well, you can have the engagement ring (tot you're already engaged), a wedding ring and finally Tolga will be the Lord of the Rings :)

...congrats, woman!

aManda玲慧 said...

I wonder when will be my turn? Long way more I guess LOL. I can feel the excitement in you CJ, I am happy for you too ^___________^

glamira methews said...

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