Friday, 8 May 2009

Past Perfecto

My life is very exciting.. not. I'm starting to have really bad aches on my legs and back. I don't sit much except when I'm on the couch or computer, and why the fuck are the beds so low. I'm pretty sure there's a hump slowly forming and I'll be a camel soon. A couple of my colleagues are already quasi-Quasimodo.

On a lighter note, it feels very rewarding after I check out from the hospital :)

Hahahahahaaha and guess what. Weekend's here! We can stay up late tonight, wake up without an alarm the next morning and the Turkish breakfast is ohhh-so-rich. Plus tomorrow is extra special because Tolga and I are going to the get our engagement rings from Eminönü! This district has the most goldsmiths and shops that basically robbers would love to rob most LOL

I'm very curious about the style of my dress for our engagement day because it's going to be semi-formal since the event is between family friends, Tolga says it could be casual too. My wedding gown is still the hot topic but I'm worried because current fashion are mostly strapless and I don't wear that cut. Fats on both sides of my armpits race to squeeze out for freedom. Urrggghhhh. I must work out, man.

I went through the wedding pictures of my Dad and his brothers. Back in their times, it was really quite plain. As we were observing, Tolga pointed out to me that the bowtie of my 3rd Uncle and 4th Uncle are the same. Hahahahaha they prolly went to the same bridal shop or selection was just limited ;)

My eldest uncle and his wife, looking very agogo
Does anyone know this term agogo? It seems that I'm the only one LOL

Daddy and Mummy :)

This is my 3rd Uncle and his wife.. look below..

.. my 4th Uncle and his wife
I suspect that their bouquet could be the same too LOL


aManda玲慧 said...

I've heard of the word agogo before from my mom but I never bother to ask what does it mean? I guess it is something to do with some 70's or 80's fashion?

Cindy said...

I thought agogo is a kind of dance?

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

I think you're both right ;)
With the kind of fashion during 70-80's AND the dance moves LOL

desmond-t said...

i know the Agogo era! it's our parents' era with those bell bottom pants with bee gees hairstyle LOL just nice to dance the Agogo dance!

Emonix said...

I think both your uncles shared the same tux and bowtie!

Nice to see those wedding photos ... I miss those matted prints.

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

NoooOOOooOooo.. same tux too?? Heheheee come to think of it.. LOL