Friday, 22 May 2009


Sometime last month, in early April, I read an article on some gossip channel of a list of series which were really good but cut short too early. I flipped through all of it and the poster of the Carnivàle was the only one which caught my eye. It is a mystery/fantasy, semi-horror drama about the battle between good and evil.

The plot is set during the US Depression-era in the mid 30's, focused on 2 main characters. A confused young fella (always caked with dirt and soot) Ben Hawkins with unmastered healing powers yet to discover his true nature, working with the traveling carnival alongside with many other interesting/shady characters. The protagonist is Rev. Justin Crowe who was initially a staunge Christian, but became God's Left Hand, meaning he has lost his God and slowly discovers his unearthly powers. Evil powers to be exact.

One word - A MUST WATCH!

We were on The Mentalist and Supernatural in Moscow, now we are actually on par with the current runnings. Tolga and I prefer downloading them to watch all in one go so we shall wait after each season finale ;) Sadly, Carnivàle has only 2 seasons and both comprise of only 12 episodes. The show won five Emmys in 2004, was nominated for 10 further Emmy awards, and received numerous other nominations and industry awards between 2004 and 2006. I am disappointed they didn't fulfill the contract of 6 seasons!

Bring back the Carnivàle! Bring back the Carnivàle!

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