Monday, 18 May 2009

The Promise II

On 28th April Tolga proposed to me.. with a red string instead of a diamond ring (it rhymes! LOL). Heheheee he didn't know the size of my finger so what happened was quite unorthodox. That's why that evening, we couldn't stop giggling. It was so silly, yet so real ;)

Today is exactly 20 days later, and it wasn't a secret what he was going to do :P But the venue was a big surprise and very romantic. We had the whole historical Sarı Köşk (Turkish=Yellow Pavillion) to ourselves! The historical Ottoman mansion was perfect. Purrrrrrrfect! Everything fell nicely into place.

Lovely dinner, beautiful atmosphere, gorgeous setting.. I couldn't ask for more! I love Tolga very, very much.

Built between 1871 and 1878 on the hilltops of Emirgan Grove

Chandelier and pink/gold cushioned chairs give the room a luxurious look

I know I'm going to marry a decent man..

.. but I wonder if he realises what he's getting himself into LOL

One hour after another passed by with sweet nothings. We spoke much, yet I don't remember half of our conversation LOL We reminisced most of our wonderful memories together in Moscow, which reminded us how much we really missed that city. Food was really good despite excitement inhibited both our appetite!

Sarı Köşk Specialty which is really lentil soup with tomatoes (real yums!)

Tolga's Almond and Cream Soup was heavenly.. the rich taste of roasted almonds :O

Potatoes Pancake as hot appetizers to share
(we took too long to eat, they became cold appetizers :P)

Another Sarı Köşk Specialty with lamb

I had a cheesy Casserole dish (loved it!)

Words cannot describe the wonderful feeling we shared tonight. It was definitely a "Yes" to the question he was going to ask, yet we were both shy and nervous about it. My jaw was aching from smiling too much LOL When the velvet black case was opened, the diamond ring took my breath away. I've seen many in jewellery shops, even my Mum's but this one swept me off my feet. It holds the promise to our marital bliss ahead :)

Guess what's for dessert LOL

These pictures were taken after his proposal :)

Hehehee don't ask me about the specs.. I never asked!

We worked very hard to come this far together :)

Thank you, my friends for celebrating my happiness with me. In words, in touch, in every ways imaginable and even in silence.. I am very touched with all your kindness, blessing and warm wishes. I know it is almost impossible to witness each other's events in person especially the most important ones in our lifetime but I hope little by little, to be able to share them through my blog.

Live. Laugh. Love!


aManda玲慧 said... sweet! I am sure everything melted your heart hehe :)

Sharini said...

I didn't read your blog for a few days...was really shocked when I read it a few days ago...
am really happy for you...take care!

peanut said...

sweet nyer... my bulu tangan oso naik d...

eh.. dun have comments widget.. dunno where i left my comments n can't find ur replies!

anyway, wedding in istanbul? msia one how? hahaha.. i wanna go take ur pictures laa..

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Yeahhhh, it was a very sweet evening :)

Hehehehee Kacang, if our wedding is in Malaysia (next year).. you prolly will be stuck with HO duties :P

Juicy said...


Seb and I are very happy for you. Really. Now, if only we can fly there just to take you two out for dinner, we would. We wish you a happy life ahead darling. It's going to be beautiful, I just cant wait to share with you :)

Hannan said...

congratulation honey!!!!

join the club~!

Kev said...

Waaaaaaaaaa...romantic nyer...he proposed to you in a nice restaurant so gentlemanly dressed :)

You're one lucky gal, CJ.
Congrats lor.

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

I'm also beautifully dressed what :P
Thank you, Kev.

I'm sure to give him some tips from what I learn from you. Hehehee you're very loving to your wife what.