Saturday, 2 May 2009

Timeless Edition

Tolga and I had been talking alot about our engagement and wedding plans!

We both know it's not going to take place so soon but we are just soooooooo excited! Hehehehe we can't help it! Thoughts to renovate the house, changing a whole new set of bedsheet or even picturing my wedding gown can set us giggling like mad ;)

Earlier this evening, Tolga gave me a wonderful surprise from the shelves in basement. I didn't know what to say when I had his Mum's bridal magazine in my hands. Her sister had brought it to her from US.. 6 months before her wedding with Tolga's Dad. The Aug/Sept 1974 issue of Modern Bride.

The look of a bride 25 years ago

I really didn't know what to say when I opened it :)

I could imagine her delightful feeling while flipping the pages, choosing the perfect dress for the perfect day. The wedding gowns were lovely! From the pictures, I know they were the current design and all but I don't think it's suitable for the brides of today. I really admire Tolga's Mum for keeping it for so long. The ones she liked, she marked an "X" and I was pleased that I feel the same.

So vintage and classy..
I didn't check if the designers are still alive though :P

A lof of cloth, a lot of embroidery
But bridesmaid with a hood was an overkill LOL

Like my Mum would say.. "Very agogo-style" ;)

Tolga's Mum wrote down the price; US$200 but nahhh.. looks like a drape/curtain

Are you thinking what I think you're thinking? They are very pretty, huh! But of course, there are some which look ridiculous even for its time. Conservative to the extent of looking like a country-bumpkin or Red Riding Hood. What's worse.. it looks more like a costume to get burned on a stake LOL

Apart from these photos, the magazine includes tips about marriage, arrangements, holiday ideas, basically everything there is to know about building a life together with the one you love. Hahahahaa if you notice one of the featured topics on the cover in this issue is "Sexual Fulfillment In Your Marriage" (above) :P

Hahahahahaa would anyone be my bridesmaid if she had to wear this??

Wooooooo.. check out the crotch, man!
Tolga had made it very clear that he will NOT wear this LOL

You gotta love the American Formalwear Association

There's so much to learn about this matter but I think we are on the right track. Heheheee I prolly sound like I'm dying to get married or something but I guess it's only natural to feel this way!!! Don't get me started on the ring part yet :) :) :)

For my time ;)
April/May 2009 issue of Modern Bride


YannMay said...

Congrats Chin Joo! So happy and excited for you too! =D

YannMay said...

Me, me!! i dont mind working the pink riding hood lol

C.l.i.c.H.e G.a.L said...

Guess you can cross out the " Get married by 28" on your check list.. ^_^

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Hahahahaa you noticed that part, eh!

peanut said...

uuu engagement n wedding? tak ajak ker...

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

You better prepare to perform for me yaaaa ;)

peanut said...

wah.. stress terus... haha..
wedding will be where la? if kl i can go! hahaha

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Have to plan first. Paperworks are hassle and I've no idea how to get them :(

*thinking positively*

Johnny Ong said...

if u take those wedding dresses, yr guests will remember yr big day for a very long time

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Don't give me ideas now, Johnny!
Hahahahaha I just might pick one because surprisingly, these designs are still available!!