Sunday, 17 May 2009

Garden In Bloom

Tolga's house is surrounded by a lot of greens. Trees that seasonly bear fruits and whatnots. It also means that, there are lots of tiny creatures as its habitants. Earlier post, you have seen those sluggish snails zoomed in 10x for starters. Well, for your meal if you will but not for me LOL

Anyways, to be honest I am not particularly fond of the garden but lately.. the magic of bloom(-ing flowers) has changed my perception of nature's best. I must admit that there are more than my thoughts of creepy crawlies (which surprisingly mind their own business if I mind mine). I understand now why Tolga loves his garden so much and encourages me to see its beauty too.

In its original form, unaltered by Photoshop.. unbelievable, huh?

Wild strawberries.. at this point I was imagining little fairies and pixies harvesting them

A single riped tiny tot hidden under the leaves :)

Tolga caught me behind the fence playing with Pisi
Hehehehee his skills in photography has improved so much!

More roses have opened up.. they are mutant breeds gigantic! :P

The one and only yellow rose around, also as gigantic

I suggested we should plant more flowers in the empty spaces, like pansies or something. I like pansies but dogs/cats like to destroy them. I've seen many times stray dogs sniff around and often do their business there. Ooohhhh.. and next time I'll take some pictures of the neighbouring houses. One house has wild roses crept upwards until the 3rd floor making the old house look damn attractive LOL