Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The Yabanci

I like my new nickname. Call me yabanci (pronounced as yaban-ji) meaning foreigner in Turkish.

Hahahahahaa yabanci, yabanci, yabanci. I like the sound of it.

Through much pain and sweat, running around from one department to another.. no thanks to redtapes and bureaucracy. Standardized procedures, strict protocols and whatnots.. let me say a big fuck you thank you and *middle finger* *thumbs up*. I hate paperworks. I hate queueing and I definitely hate the fear of authorities in these kind of places. You might even want to think twice before letting out a rip.

Here it is. My PR is granted :)

Don't underestimate this little booklet
Every yabanci (for all purpose) who makes long stay here should have one

I can't imagine if I'll have half the patience to make one for Tolga if we decide to move to Malaysia

Yours truly! ;)

Sorry.. better not post the numbers in public LOL

You know.. looking at the pictures here, I remember the time when I got my Ordinatura ID. The good ol' days in Moscow. And time passes by too quickly, huh. Exactly a year ago about this time.. we were preparing for our final exams and graduated the next month. The current 6th Year students are doing their time now.

Those days were good. Real good :)


joethew said...

sound like jap..yabanji..congratz..those pain & sweat are worth to gain live,laugh & return..=]

JayneAi said...

hahah ya sounds like jap...thanks fr the time i come visit u if Joanne wanna go TURKEY many of my frens been looks fun..:D the hot spring water on the mountain ... have u been there?

Mrs.Sheikh said...

hi ..

uwaa.. turkey... iskkk..sangat best laa :)
btw, ur pic tu sangat cute.. kanak2 ribena yaa :D

peanut said...

yabanji! inastranetzzzzzzzzz..

i think yabanji sounds nicer.. like jap name..