Monday, 4 May 2009

Nosy Nothings

[This article is taken without permission from Leo]

Do you know the real reason why you want to be a blogger. For some people, it might be because they want to have an online diary to express themselves while others want to share their hobbies such as reading or playing games.

There are actually several reasons why one wants to be a blogger.

1. You want to earn money
Many people start a blog in the hope to earn money through the blog. The only problem is they might not know how they can earn money from their blog except by using Google Adsense. Money being a factor to start a blog is either a make or a break in the blogosphere.

- I've come acrossed blogs that make so much money especially doubled up with their spouses. Their monthly income is more than enough to support the both of them, 4 kids and 2 dogs. Now that's what I call money-making. But then again, these aren't blogs in my opinion.

Definition of the word: blog (bläg) from Webster's New World College Dictionary
Noun - a journal or diary written for public viewing on a website and consisting typically of personal reflections, commentary on current events, etc. arranged chronologically .. see advertisements or money-making anywhere?

2. You think you know something
It is obvious that when you blog, you are sharing knowledge with people. In this case, you must have known something that you can teach other people about. For example, you know how to play World of Warcraft and increase your character’s level faster than anyone else so you start a blog to share your tips.

- I don't know about WoW but blogs would be the last place I'll be looking for walkthroughs LOL But yes, I agree that it is a nice way to be sharing/exchanging information in between because if it's solely a cookbook.. it should be subcategorised as a food blog because it doesn't have other varieties and not a diary.

3. Learn something
You will be surprised at how much knowledge you can learn when you start to blog. Imagine having to integrate writing and communication skills when you blog, thus helping you to improve your writing skills and communication skills at one go.

- Hahahahaahahaa and forgetting enrich your knowledge! Whenever I feel I don't have enough information to blog about the topic, I'd google. From that one topic, I might keep clicking on links and learn something totally different or even unrelated to the topic I was searching for :P

4. Inspire someone
Are you a cancer survivor? Perhaps you can start a blog and talk about your journey through recovering from cancer from surgery to chemotherapy. This will inspire other people with the same fate as you and motivate them to be strong so that they can heal just like you did.

- This reason reminds me of Sayangku Azura whose life was darkened by a very unfortunate illness, but over the years claimed it back. Now she is well and happy, enjoys what she loves and shares it with words. Her strength is much admirable and inspiring many people. And I don't need to be sick to be touched by her. This woman's got a gift, I can tell you that much :)

5. The love for writing
You love to write and share it with the whole world about what you have written. You can have a blog to store all your great masterpieces, be it the next ‘Harry Potter’ series or simply poems and short stories that you have written. Mind you, someone might approach you to publish your work if you are lucky!

- Amen.

6. Freelancing portfolio
If you have a website dedicated to your services, that would be great but if you just want a small space on the web to promote your portfolio, a blog would be convenient and easy to set up. Whether you want to showcase your latest designs or writing samples, create a blog and spread them around to your potential clients and friends.

- Not applicable to me but I think my blogger friends might. Like how AmyKor got featured recently ;)

Have you found the real reason to have a blog?


aManda玲慧 said...

My first reason to own a blog is simply because I love to write but I know at times I am lazy to write :p Blog is more like a place where I can share my thoughts & memories through words and pictures, a dear diary of mine. I can't find any reason to hate blogging hehe.

Borneo Falcon said...

I blog for $$

leo7_lion said...

Lol, it's okay. You got the permission now =)

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

I think I want to shut off my blog soon. I've no time or life to write about!!! :(