Thursday, 21 May 2009

Sheepskin Wolves

I don't really the like drug companies' representatives.

They all look good, smell good, don fancy if not flashy suits and charge at us with ear-to-ear grins reminding us to prescribe patients their products. Then from their suitcases pull out a couple of ballpoint pens to everyone of us, sometimes notepads and boxes of samples.

On alternate weeks, we have seminar with them in the meeting room. You prolly guessed correctly that they bring in statistics and the works to convince their medications are life-savers. And because these meetings take place during lunch time, they cater meals for us. Usually it's the kebab stuff, meatballs and the norm but this afternoon.. we had a bit of a gala show in the kitchen LOL

We were served traditional Hittite cuisine which is really Salt-Baked Chicken (Cantonese=Yim Kuk Kai) if you'd asked me! LOL But working under the Head Professor of the Internal Disease Department really does have its perks. He is the one who calls the shots so our department is priviledged, let's put it that way ;)

The back of the bigshot I told you about LOL

Let's all sing, "Happy Birthday to you.." ;P

I must say this EN pharmaceutical firm is very generous, we were all very impressed

The guy hammering the solid salt wrap with a chisel to get the chicken out

Hehehehee after the first few, his employee took over

I wasn't the only one snapping pictures! Look! Everyone's a jakun LOL

Funny thing is.. back in Cheras (where I used to live) our Pasar Malam sells it too

Salty, spicey-aromatic, chicken rice..
.. not too good-looking with skin all over the place but it tastes good :)

Ironically, they were trying to sell us drugs for Hypertension.


leo7_lion said...

This is nice^^ Just like that 'Yim Kok Kai' the salted chicken. I hope some developer can bring this idea of chicken to malaysia so we could try it too^^

Johnny Ong said...

i know what's yim guk gai but this is really something different. to top it off, the bonfire too???

this is what u call culture shock