Saturday, 23 May 2009

Another Aydın

We visited Tolga's father's youngest brother and family in Büyükçekmece, a district in the suburbs of European side of Istanbul on the Sea of Marmara coast. It's quite a nice place but more importantly, they (Tolga's uncle and family) are darlings. They are such warm people and his wife is a superb cook! Though we all agreed that the highlight of our visit was shone more at their new puppy, it was supposed to be at me LOL

Meltem (Tolga's 19-year-old first cousin) and her Golden Retriever

Meet Pati!!
Hahahahahaha Pati, yes you heard me ;)

She's got all the vaccination she needs!

See how my picture only comes after Pati LOL

Sea view from the balcony.. heavenly home, eh?

Leo, you are right that I'm not updating my blog as often as I did before.

I'm really not sure why but lately I've been really occupied apart from the fact that weekdays are no longer happening. I come back from the hospital, have a cuppa tea, read medical books, brush up on Turkish, dinner, spend time with Tolga, do my yoga, in the evening TV/movies and such.. I seriously need to find free time to slot in for Internet! Thank for the reminder, my friend :)

Soooooo.. Büyükçekmece is still Istanbul but it's rather far away from city proper. It's a boring town, really because it's built solely for settlement sake even during the Ottoman period and migrants come to make a life here. Life is very mellow and slow in places like this because there isn't much to do apart from talking a way by the seaside or having a picnic and the likes. We took Pati for a walk and she's a real superstar! ;)

By the seaside (sorry, the picture's a bit blurry)

We were surprised to see that Büyükçekmece is the Sister City of Gelsenkirchen of Germany

Hamsap fella touching, touching Pati >(

L-R: Tolga's Mum, Tolga's soon-to-be-fiance, Tolga's aunt, Tolga's cousin and Pati

I was glad to meet Tolga's relatives. Truthfully speaking, there aren't many left. So far everyone I've been introduced to are very welcoming and gave me presents :P For first meeting (it's pretty much their customs). These people will be at our engagement dinner on the 20th June and possibly at our wedding :)

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