Sunday, 10 May 2009

Angels On Earth

Fats returned to KL to celebrate Mother's Day with Mummy. I was very touched to hear that. He's a good boy (like how Pisa said it). I spoke to them both on the phone and they sounded really happy, eating and shopping all over the place LOL

Thanks to Anna Jarvis who created this special holiday in 1917 to honour our mothers. Of course we can do it everyday by all means, but a mark on the calendar acts like a reminder to initiate us to do something about it ;) In many countries, Mother's Day is recognized on the 2nd Sunday of May.

For people who are near their mothers, be by their side. Just a simple greeting would make them smile.
For people who have lost theirs, do remember them with much love and reminisce on the happier days.

Mothers are angels,
Who gave life to us,
Love thy mother,
Cherish her forever.

Happy Mother's Day! :)

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