Thursday, 2 April 2009

Spring Soon

I was on the April Fool's Day bandwagon with my previous post!
Ang3l was right that I wouldn't stop blogging. This is my baby. Sorry for the prank post ;)

Nothing much is happening lately. The temperature seems to be warming up and we've been getting a lot of sun for the past days. I'm still awaiting paperworks to get through to start work at the hospital. Hahahahaa let's not jinx the (hopeful) good news.

I took some nice pictures when we went out for a walk since the weather was so beautiful, it was impossible to stay indoors.

In front of Tolga's house.. the silly cat snooping around

Meet Pisi who was a street cat turned domestic (but not allowed inside)
She was always mating all over the place so Tolga's parents got her neutered

She still gets pretty wild

Ooooohhhh.. I can't wait for the roses to bloom!

Don't let their looks cheat you.. they're really weeds we need to get rid of!

Life has been relaxing for me. I don't know if I'd say that everything is so swell because I feel that I should be doing more than I am. But I'm sure very soon I'll be begging for holidays again (hehehee maybe?). The General Hospital I applied to is crazy considering the amount of patients and workload. They asked if I can handle it, I said I'd try.

2 tiny seagulls standing against the wind by the seaside.. the one of the right caught me ;)

This boat looks really good (especially with the flag)
Perhaps one day.. one fine day I shall own one too! :)


JayneAi said...

wa...the cat looks garang wei..saw her sharp nails leh...haha...neway u can do it even though there's lots of workload in GH Turkey!wish u all the best...nice place though:) so homely...and the seaside and the peacefulll...hehe

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Thank you, Jayne for your kind words. One thing.. what's GBU? :X