Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Break The Film

So this is my 3rd time in Turkey and I decided to stay on right?

In my previous visits, I really had a great time and I liked Istanbul alot. I still think it's a lovely city but I also believe it's because I'm in love with Tolga making everywhere liveable. Beautiful too. Still, culture has its culture and newcomers have to adapt. Hahahahaahaa and most newcomers like to share his/her experience, just like I how I do.

I never mentioned about the fun watching movies in Turkey. I must stress again that they don't dub foreign films, they don't censor anything and they are on par with global releases of a new title. Unlike Russia. These positive entertainment policy applies for both TV and cinema.

Cinemas are slightly different compared to Malaysia, where movie theatres are monopolised by TGV and GSC.

Here, the old names are being upgraded, if not preserved its quality. It's very nostalgic having an escort walking us to our seats with a torchlight, flashing-flashing at the numbers to confirm them LOL I think Malaysia should polish back REX and Capitol. You'd be surprised many people still go to these kind of cinemas. But of course, the real money-makers are the cinema chains in shopping complexes.

Hahahahaaa I've never done this before

Say Hello to the 35mm movie projector! :)

And this is the platter system that feeds film into the projector.. nice, huh?

Anyhoooo.. I wanted to tell everyone that watching a movie in a cinema here in Turkey is truly an experience because they have entr'acte. Pronounced as ankh-trakt meaning a break between two acts (usually applied for theatrical performances) so yes. You read correctly.

In the middle of the movie.. the screen goes blank and lights come on!

Hahahahahahahaaaa some people get up, leave the cinema for either to take a leak or buy a drink! Some people stretch and yak, and I was definitely the only one who nearly died from a heart attack! It's very, very strange right?

Imagine some heavy-duty, action-packtion film going on and everything comes to a halt.

See how patrons can buy popcorn during entr'acte LOL
The screen has advertisement at the moment

Hahahaaha the popcorn seller spotted me :P

Tolga totally approves of it. He says it's necessary. He asks me what do Malaysians do if the movie is say, 3-hour long? No entr'acte for toilet breaks? He said it's ridiculous.

Come to think of it.. Malaysian movie-goers sneak out to the loo during conversations or the part they assume isn't important to the plot (know that I'm talking for myself LOL). I never went to the cinema for Titanic. I really wondered how did anyone sit through 4hours without budging.

But you're still thinking "In the middle of the movie.. the screen goes blank and lights come on!", am I right? :P

I don't think it's so bad after a while *wink*


JayneAi said...

so msia's cinemas ill tahan my pee till the movie ends...haha...shud intro tis idea to msia's cinemas....:D

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Hehehehee that's why after a movie ends, the nearest toilet is always packed!

ain j said...

should be introduced in malaysia !!!