Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Meet My Mates

I want to introduce everyone my colleagues today!

Hahahahahaa I brought my camera to work and these cartoons are hilarious. We have a lot of fun at times, when there isn't much to run around for. I like a couple of them a lot, they always keep an eye out for me and have been my mentors since Day 1. Everyone here are on rotations for a couple of months because they are doing their subspeciality.

Photo of the team before my arrival (some are still here)
Main man in the center is our HOD Prof.Dr.Yüksel Altuntaş

Zülküf the anesthesiologist who has insomnia
We are best friends now after warming up to me LOL

Kenan is a Romanian-Tatar who became Turkish at the age of 15
He has a 1 1/2 year more to being a specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation aka Physiatrist

My favourite 6'2'' bear with a big heart, Ahmet! :)
He is the best! Damn funny too.. his game is in Infectious Disease and a Microbiologist

This is the owner of the blog you're reading :P
At this point, Zülküf got hold of my camera and went trigger-happy

Hmmmm.. Pinar the Pregnant Physician
I think it's her heavy belly that makes her not-so-easy to approach and pretty hissy

Hatice is an Internist, the eldest and most experienced..
Zülküf really went off focus because of his sleepy fingers! LOL

Ilker is a cardiologist in the making, very nice guy too (very reserved and smiley-smiley)

The pharmaceutical agent who brought us some heart drug samples today

I miss my Ordinatura days in Moscow..
At least the goodies we got could be used on ourselves!

The new nurse, Sevda who was assigned to our department earlier this week
(and this Kenan just had to spoil it LOL)

This is Ilknur whom I like very much, she lets me do the practical stuff on the patients

Our work station, called the Banko *repeat 3x*
Hehehehe we have centralised computing system in this hospital

Evren is really nice, an anesthesiologist who eats a lot (and shares his food)
He's quite good-looking but I guess he isn't so photogenic :P

We even wear the same shoes!
Ooooohh.. notice I'm not wearing skinnies ;)

Ahmet the Internist who could have been my best friend but after a week plus..
His rotation ended and sent to the Poliklinik.. I go observe sometimes at his station

A few more nurses and doctors didn't show up today. I'd really like to snap a couple of pics with/of them too. You know, I actually fixed my Nokia 6300 so it's inconspicuous whenever I want to snap at something. In fact I did during our rounds this morning but I can't find the cable. Till next time then! :)


peanut said...

why can wear sneakers one?? cis.. jealous giler..

all like nice people onli.. i wanna work there oso lah! good money right?!?!?!?! hahaha.

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Volgograd cannot? :P