Thursday, 9 April 2009

Snail Slugs

My list of jeepers-creepers:

2. Cockroaches
3. Spiders
4. Caterpillars
5. Fat, hairy, leave-munching caterpillars

Actually, a lot more than just five. I can't think and write anymore because my I feel tingly already. Basically, I hate bugs and all the spineless creatures. If anyone wanted to torture me, throw me into a room filled with the above-mentioned. I'll go into shock. Okay, please don't cook up strange plots on me now LOL

I remember when I was very young (back in my house at Cheras) before the forest was chopped off to build new houses, strange animals were often seen on the mosaic tiles of our front porch. My house was always opened (the windows) for airflow and good chi but attracted lots of insects too. Especially when it rains. WTF.

You know.. Tolga used to tell me about the family of hedgehogs in the garden. How cute and small they are especially the babies. The curl up in your palms and such. I have yet to see any except alot of stray cats, and Pisi whom we still suspect gave Tolga the pink eye. What's worst.. I've been seeing snails! OMG. Snails!

*I'm in a fit right now

Best part is.. my boyfriend keeps reminding me to "Watch the slugs" or "Don't step on the slugs". He calls them Slugs affectionately but truly, they are snails. It would be terminologically correct to call them slugs when they're naked without a shell. Or just with a very small one. Arrrggghhh.. they leave a trail of goo behind :(

They are HUGE mofos.. I have never ever seen such enormous ones in my backyard!

Upclose.. they have 4 optical tentacles
You can see the beady, black dots on the tip of each bulb

Commonly potrayed in a cuter, friendlier form

Pisi was going to attack it if we paid more attention to the potential escargot LOL

Another one a few feet away.. this one's even bigger

Hope I won't freak out having these extra fellas within the vicinity.
Hell, I might even learn to be fond of them. I am blogging about them now, aren't I? ;)


Johnny Ong said...

just be careful when u walk out to the garden ...... don't crush them hehe

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Yuck! I can't imagine their goo on my shoes :(

JayneAi said... too cant imagine if i acc step on it...eeyyy....dont like the crunching sound of their shells and their body...i cannot stand snails...when i saw the snails' pic ,i get goosebumps ... and now i still feel wiggly..haha will it get into your room?

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Hahahahahaa this post must have been a nightmare huhh but eh, Jayne.

Must you go into the details of crunching sounds of shell breaking and such!! B) I don't think they'll reach my room.

YannMay said...

I actually do have a soft spot for them soft wiggly creatures. I esp like earthworms, caterpillars, and slugs. i grow up keeping caterpillars as temporary pets and letting them fly away when they turned into beautiful butterflies. (and i still do) i would love to keep earthworms too but they always seem like they wanna be elsewhere so i let them go in d end. i hope you dont hate me now HAHA

YannMay said...

and did you just changed your flavicon (is that wat they call it again?) into a pic of the cute snail?!

chiiliyeow said...

scare the hell out of me la...WTF!I hate them!!

Chin Joo said...

Yupe! I set one as my flavicon LOL

Sorry, Chili. Next time I shall put warning first. Don't be scared ya :(

chiiliyeow said...

just joking ler..;P
but i do hate them..LOL

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Hope you won't see any ever! :)