Friday, 17 April 2009

Non-Medical Values

A week at Eftal State Hospital gave me quite a handful of experience and I definitely learned alot of new things.
Right from memorising the entire hospital's layout to speaking to patients in Turkish. I think I'm doing really fine, even for my standards.

Also, here are some observation points of what I jot down on the back of my notebook.

- Turkish folks are very curious.

- Won't hesitate to find out gossips or information and they will find out eventually by means of asking others or you directly.

- They are rather helpful.

- They would speak for your behalf and are not usually silent bystanders. They will give their opinion generously.


- Nobody and seriously, I haven't seen anyone at the hospital with skinny jeans. Except me. I'm feeling extremely out of place.

- Straight cuts, baggy jeans seems to be the ala mode for them.

- Majority of the women don't wear make-up and even if they do, not too much.

- Only sneakers in sight. Fully-covered shoes. No heels. Everyone wears sneakers.

- The hospital serves amazing lunch. I have no complaints ;)

- Very automatic. No one hogs the table when he/she is done eating.

- People you know or don't will greet "Afiyet olsun" (Turkish=Enjoy your meal) and you'll naturally say the same.

- Turkish folks drink too much tea. Their tea-drinking culture is overloaded.
ie. Before meal, after meal, while seating, when chatting, in the morning, afternoon, evening, night etc

- I should learn to cook some Turkish dishes!

- 8 of them (6 males/2 females)

- Maybe 2-3 don't pay much attention or interact with me but I don't mind.

- They say I'm the first Buddhist they've ever met.

- I really like a few of them who are darlings and really, really nice people.

- I have difficulty remembering Turkish names.
ie. Zülküf, Ilker, Evren (and some I can't recall not remembering LOL)

- But common Muslim names are easy
ie. Ali, Ahmet, Mustafa (and they won't be the only one.. everyone's an Ahmet :P)

- Oooohhh and someone finally asked me, "Do you eat dogs?"

Hahahahahahaaa Tolga was right!
He told me Turkish people even have a joke saying.. "When there's a Chinese in the neighbourhood, guard your dogs!"


~fall3n ang3l~ said...

so do u eat dog?))

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Should I ask you the same question? :P

AzAzura said...

you are settling in just fine young lady , i wish i can see the bosphorus and many more, maybe one fine day you answer the knocks on your door and you will see me!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

I await your arrival!

Tolga and I are having big plans to reconstruct our house.. hopefully it'll be nice and comfortable for friends/visitors/everyone to come stay!! :)

aManda玲慧 said...

Different place different culture huh. Their way of dressing is totally different from those here in Moscow.

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Which I am really glad, Amanda :)