Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Double The Dirt

I'm seeing more 69! :P

I think every Blogger should have this widget called Plurk which enables users to update short texts, post links, pictures, videos, and exchange responses with other users on a chronological timeline. It's really quite nice. I installed it on my sidebar sometime last year.

It's called micro-blogging like Twitter, though I don't entirely know what's Twitter about. I'm contented with Plurk :)

Taken from the main page of my Plurk account

My Karma points go up when I actively use it but when I don't, they go down. I don't think the Karma points matter much because the ratio of gaining and losing is unfair. I can update as much in a day, it goes up a measly +0.05 but when I go hiatus for less than 24 hours.. it sinks to -0.15 :(

Hahahahahaa but seeing Karma: 69.69 (arrow up) gave me a hearty laugh.

These numbers are giving me signs! I just wrote about it below!

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